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Pierre Tissier truly occupies a special place in the microcosm of car manufacturing with 6 wheels (and even more). Indeed, it is undoubtedly one of the greatest experts in the world in this field but mostly Citroën specialist with more than four wheels, the principle of its construction is based on the Citroën hydraulic technology for which it conducted an extension of the hydropneumatic suspension on several axles. He is even the pioneer in this field since he was the first to adopt this principle of transformation on the brand's double chevron cars, the purpose of which lies in a car of great flexibility and intelligence..

The Tissier were offered in multiple versions to meet the different needs of a demanding and passionate clientele, looking for very specific vehicles for varied uses.. Made primarily based on DS, CX and XM, Tissier "centipedes" were also developed on light trucks such as C25, C35 and Jumpy (Citroën Dispatch), as well as on the Renault Espace !

Thanks to their intrinsic qualities, whose design is based on a solid frame and the total hydraulic control technique Citroen applied not only to the suspension but also the high pressure braking, the Tissier's ostentatious appearance is not solely aiming to impress (as is the case for some ...) but are extraordinary cars with incredible abilities often unsuspected ! It was actually the first to develop such vehicles based on cars, in addition to the marketing purposes, but with actual peerless loading capacity as well as road handling qualities, before being copied with more or less success by foreign "competitors", even when (usually), based on Citroën vehicles., ...


It was in 1972 Pierre Tissier had the idea to build his first centipede, a car transporter with 3 rear axles on the basis of a DS. Tissier was at that time a Panhard agent in Paris and looking for a fast and comfortable vehicle for conveying the used cars he delivered regularly in Spain. But no existing vehicle while on the market his expectation. He decided to build himself the vehicle he dreamed. His choice logically fell on the Citroën DS that had many strengths : front-wheel drive of course but especially the exclusive hydraulic technology for suspension, the steering and braking with power plants that offered great opportunities for development, not found on any other car in the world ! He succeeds, alone, realising his project in 3 months which gave rise to a hybrid vehicle prototype consists of a front part of DS to which he added behind a structure of its own design in the form of a tray for loading a vehicle utilising 3 axles fitted with small wheels ( 10 inch). His tray DS-door car 2 doors was quickly developed and soon operational for transporting cars. This "funny" equipment obviously does not go unnoticed and the following year, in 1973, he received a first order for a similar model. This was the start of the fabulous adventure since Pierre Tissier created his company ADPT (The Application Process Tissier) for cars of this type built on the principle that defined them and which he patented.


Very quickly, other requests for this new kind of vehicle are received from interested garages and roadside assistance companies. Alongside the construction of the first DS car transporters, Pierre Tissier was developing a van with 6 wheels for transport of press based on the DS and the first copies come out of the workshops in 1974. DS Tissier 6 and 8 wheelers quickly proven sustainabe and efficient.

the DS 6 Wheeler TV CineTel Tracking transformed from a van, used by Rémy Julienne during a shoot. Pierre Tissier never used DS (unlike CX) with a Jaguar XJ6 Series III behind, ...

When Citroën DS replaced the CX in 1975, Pierre Tissier studied new bodies adapted to the new premium Citroëns [which will be declined rapidly]? such as loadcarrier and ambulance 6 wheelers in various configurations as well as, over time, many other versions with unique body or specific applications, while continuing to manufacture car trasporters on the same principle as that adopted in its infancy on the famous DS Tissiers.


The CX allowed Pierre Tissier fully exploit his many ideas of atypical constructions on prototypes or models marketed thanks to favorable economic circumstances (that no longer exist today) that attract loyal large customers like the ambulances and Hollander, which find in the Tissier centipedes benefits not found elsewhere ...


When XM succeeds the CX in 1989 ,, Pierre Tissier continues its transformation on the basis of this new large sedan by adopting a unique body for its loadcarriers and ambulances but also launches a new niche for him, the limousines (after a successful trial on the CX). Two different models will emerge, the "small" called "Highness" and the large bearing the name" Majesty", of which a few copies each were made. Some carriers/transporters will also emerge.


Bagagère (Loadcarrier) XM


Plateau (flatbed/transporter) XM

But unfortunately the XM era corresponds to a decline of the market for this type of extraordinary vehicle due to many reasons, and in particular that of the high cost of manufacture. The low production of XM Tissier make it much more exclusive than the CX that, which will remain as the most iconic centipedes of the Villeneuve-le-Roi builder, alongiside the DS.

Today, much of the production Tissier is still existing and essentially preserved by collectors and enthusiasts who use their( ) vehicle( ) occasionally but also sometimes regularly. The society of Tissier Automobiles, created 1999 at the manufacturer's request, is active in the preservation of these exceptional Citroën. They perform much historical and technical research and the identification of many vehicles converted by Pierre Tissier and his team, to help preserve this fabulous part of French automotive world heritage. It also participates in most major Citroën events in France and also abroad, often with the presence of the creator of these centipedes, so the myth persists.

Philippe Choulan
Association of Automobile Tissier

Some pictures to illustrate Pierre Tissier's creations.

Tissier tray 4 doors and Kegresse

A beautiful picture , 2 Citroën set, many wheels !


Ambulance Citroën CX 2400. Places like this, not bad seeing on the roads in there some time. is a big piece, that I like.


The CX cube van, 4 doors


2 Helicopter carrier 4 door versions were built, here the white CX white helicopter carrier with 4 doors.
If you know more about this photo, write me at marc@sixmania.fr , thank you.


Citroën Cx 2400 “Bagagère”, Payload 2 tonnes.

CX_Hollander_1er_modele tissier

The famous bagagere Hollander and trailer


XM are also seen, admire the workmanship, carrier 8 wheels. Before changing the tray.


After modification of the tray

It was a tubular chassis with a flat tray, above with large wheels and deported back wheels to allow exceeding the load towards the back. The mod was to move forward the rear axles to center the load and slope’ the tray for easier loading of vehicles.


XM bagagere in Tissier workshops Villeneuve le Roi, it was built for Higgs International then repainted for resale to a particular customer.

Tissier also modified Jumpys to make ambulances with 6 wheels.
The Renault Espace with 6 wheels is, nice gear, non ?
A pine & rsquo; s CX Ambulance Tissier

SM 2 door carrier 10 wheels


I deleted Christian de Léotard's comments that were too aggressive, really sorry for the people he assaulted, I had not reread this article, I should have done it before…

I am going to do a new article entirely devoted to the SM carrier 10 wheels very soon, I will come back and put a link here.

The CX CdL special body weaver – Photo CDL

A small series of photos taken by Benedict Dujardin at the rally for 50 years of the DS at St Quentin en Yvelines 8 October 2005.

Tissier plateau AA Garage 2
Tissier plateau AA Garage 1
The “Shots” Tissier, ex AAGarage (just above) restored and improved (inside).
big C
Thank you to Max (12/01/2008)
Tissier tray 2 doors and DS Break Hearse

The DS carrier of the SM2A garage is not a Pierre Tissier creation, but a realization of his boss Jean Michel Gallet. From Tissier it only has the rear wheels recovered from DS Tissier vans, as for the gray card, it is that of a DS van 6 Tissier wheels.
Pierre Tissier has never built a DS chainring with the right chainring, but still tilted, except the prototype in 6 wheels later changed to 8 wheels, then completely rebuilt in the years 80. (Thanks to Mr. Buron 04/11/2019)


Founder of mm2 France, oto6, then from Sixmania. The 6 wheels and more have always been a passion for me. It started in 1980 thanks to a certain Christian de Léotard, you know ?

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  1. It lacks the photo of the blue CX Rémi Bricka 🙂
    I know a person who owns a DS Tissier, I have not seen, but it is provided 2018, I would spend some photos 🙂

    1. It lacks many other Tissier on my site !

      Pierre Tissier made :

      332 multi-wheeled cars (6 and 8 wheels)
      13 multi-wheeled trailers
      1500 hydraulic kits

      A crazy production :p

      I finally find this info, I put my mind to do a complete inventory, but it is a life that must be !
      The detail :
      DS Module 6 wheels, 2 doors (30)
      DS Module 6 wheels, 4 doors (2)
      DS Trays 8 wheels 2 doors (10)
      DS Trays 8 wheels 2 doors, extended cab (3)
      DS Trays 8 wheels 4 doors (8)
      CX Bagagères small volume 2 doors (including the famous Hollander) (80)
      CX Bagagères small volume 4 doors (3)
      CX Van large volume 2 doors (12)
      CX Van large volume 4 doors (2)
      CX Van large cubic volume (1)
      CX Highways (3)
      CX Ambulance 4 wheels (8)
      CX Ambulance 6 wheels 2 doors (6)
      CX Ambulance 6 wheels 4 doors (53)
      CX Plateau 6 wheels (1)
      CX Plateau 6 wheel extended cab (2)
      CX Plateau 8 wheels 2 doors (2)
      CX Plateau 8 wheels 4 doors (9)
      CX Plateau 8 wheels 4 doors lying (1)
      CX Travelling 4 wheels (1)
      CX Travelling 6 wheels (4)
      CX Minibus 14 places (1)
      CX Penthouse (1)
      CX Camping-car 4 wheels (1)
      CX Camping-car 6 wheels (1)
      CX helicopter carrier (2)
      CX Refrigerating (1)
      CX Pickup with hardtop (1)
      CX rolling Serres (2)
      CX Limousine (1)
      Bi-CX engine coupled to a double-axle trailer (1)
      Proto CX mid-engined (rallies in Algeria and Iceland and Paris-Dakar) (1)
      CX Sedan in 4 front steering wheels (1)
      CX Cabriolet 4 front steering wheels (1)
      XM Bagagères 6 wheels, 2 doors (8)
      XM Bagagères 6 wheels, 4 doors (1)
      XM Ambulances 4 wheels (8)
      XM Ambulances 6 wheels, 2 doors (3)
      XM Ambulances 6 wheels, 4 doors (2)
      XM Trays 8 wheels (2)
      XM tilting trays (1)
      XM Travelling 6 wheels 2 doors (1)
      XM Travelling 6 wheels 2 extended cab doors (3)
      XM Travelling 6 wheels 4 doors (1)
      XM Highness (2)
      XM short Highness (1)
      XM Majesty (4)
      C25 Module 6 wheels (6)
      C35 Module 6 wheels (2)
      C35 Hydraulic Module (1)
      C35 Trays 6 wheels (3)
      C35 Trays 8 wheels (3)
      Ambulances C35 double axle (2)
      C35 Travelling 6 wheels (1)
      C25 Camping-Car 6 wheels (1)
      SM Trays 10 wheels (1)
      Proto mid-engined (Algeria and Dakar Rally) (1)
      Ambulance 6 wheels (2)
      space Ambulances 6 wheels (3)
      space Traveling 6 wheels (1)
      Hydraulic Master Module (3)
      Range Rover 6×6 (2)
      Dispatch 6 wheels (right-hand drive) (1)
      trespasses (Motorhome hinged) (4)
      Chrysler Voyager 6 wheels (1)
      Audi A8 Travelling 6 wheels (1)
      Hydraulic kits Citroen C25 / Peugeot J5 / Citroën Jumper /
      Peugeot Boxer / Fiat Ducatto (1500)
      Hollander trailers (8)
      Car trailers 6 wheels (3)
      Trailers heavy-weight three-axle (1)
      dolly trailers 6 wheels (1)

      As a reminder :
      332 modified cars
      13 trailers
      1500 hydraulic kits

      1. Was the first Citroen DS Tissier a two-door or four-door car with a three-axle plaform at the rear?

          1. Hello to you
            Fervent defender of French know-how and lover of Tissier vehicles, I am looking for a 6 wheels and in view of your site and your testimonials, it seems to me to be in the right place.
            Could you help me and inform me of the points to watch out for before purchasing such a vehicle
            thanks in advance

          2. Hello Patrice
            You've come to the right place, but the subject is complicated, you are not the only one who wants to find a 6 wheels for sale. I advise you to save searches on Le bon coin and on eBay, maybe on other sites. You can also send me a classified ad by email with what you are looking for and a way to contact you and I will post it on SixMania.

  2. Hello
    I m'nteresse the Space Tissier 6 wheels;
    I know these cars were equipped with the 2.1td that develops 88cv ;
    This engine has he been modified to support the overhead processing ?



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