Amphicat 6×6

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The Amphicat was invented at the end of the years 1950 by the Canadian engineer Ron Behoo after hours spent in his basement. Originally named Aquacat, he changed the name to Amphicat and founded Behoo Enterprises. Unable to follow orders, he sold the American rights to the Amphicat to Mobility Unlimited in Auburn Hills Michigan who built the Amphicat of the late 1960 to years 1970, until the rights are sold to Magna American.

Most older Americans remember that Fleegle, Bingo, Drooper and Snorky led them to the children's show Hanna-Barbera Banana Splits Adventure Hour.

Fans of the British TV show Space 1999 should also recognize the Amphicat, where it was used as a lunar buggy.

The Majorettes model car company produced Amphicat from the Banana Split show in a variety of colors.

Gi Joe also offers a doll scale miniature of Amphicat, there have also been reduced versions for children.

Powered by a Sachs engine 16 two-stroke ch with automatic transmission at 3 forward and reverse gears, the Amphicat could reach a top speed of 60 km / h on land and from 3 km / h on water. The tires of the Amphicat were special low pressure tubeless tires, rim-related and specific to the Amphicat. The tires also served as a suspension on the Amphicat. An additional set of 6 wheels and tires could be added as a double to increase flotation.

With its sliding steering system like on many ATVs, the Amphicat has a turning radius of 0 !

The body of the Amphicat was made of Cycolac ABS plastic developed exclusively for the vehicle by the Borg Warner division. The body was made of a two-part shell connected to the belt, she only weighed 27 kg. Its resistance to damage is due to its absence of paint, so scratches.

Amphicat got a free publicity stunt when John Lennon used one while on a Canada tour with Yoko Ono. Skidoo also benefited !

In the USA, Amphicat has been used a lot in ATV racing, here are some examples

A small rear view and I also put you the trailer of the Amphicat catalog which looks like a small caravan !

Stay more than Logos, I found several…

The article was strongly inspired by thank you.

Le Bonus Amphicat Papoose

Lincoln-Mercury Montego Cyclone Sportshauler, 1971

In 1971, Cyclone Sportshauler was Lincoln-Mercury's new concept car. The car, designed by the Ford Design Center, has a special compartment at the back that stores an ATV behind the driver. The Sportshauler has a unique full-length rear cover that opens electrically. When the back is fully open, the vertical tailgate falls to the ground to form a ramp and the ATV it contains is lowered by an electric winch. The all-terrain vehicle can be replaced by a mini-bike, a snowmobile or other recreational vehicle. Cyclone Sportshauler to be unveiled at Detroit Auto Show, of 21 the 29 November 1971 at Cobo Hall.

2 sexy hostesses accompanied the Sporthauler on the Mercury stand. A daily competition was organized so that 3 Mercury exhibit visitors can win a three-foot-long plush Cougar.

The Sporthauler ATV was an Amphicat Papoose model, specially created for the occasion, which never reappeared anywhere.

the Sporthauler had been built in a short time, less than six months. Nothing has filtered about its engine, it is very likely that it is the V8 of 7 liters which has been chosen.

Despite strong public reaction, Mercury was in no hurry to mass-release the car. In 1972 when the second generation Montego series is released, the Cocept Sportshauler has been repainted in black, the interior and the ATV in bronze color. Despite the brighter appearance, the concept no longer aroused his previous interest, it was therefore decided not to “reinvent the wheel”, but to focus on the cut, traditional Montego sedans and station wagons.

To end this long article, the little montage of a friend who dreams of an Amphicat to move around the site of his semi-buried bubble house, I named Philippe Delage.


Founder of mm2 France, oto6, then from Sixmania. The 6 wheels and more have always been a passion for me. It started in 1980 thanks to a certain Christian de Léotard, you know ?

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