Total Recall – 1990

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In 2048 Doug Quaid dreams every night that he is on the planet Mars in search of the beautiful Melina. His wife, Lori, strives to dispel this fantasy. Doug will soon realize that his dream was artificial and that his wife is a spy responsible for ensuring his mental reconditioning. He remembers a real stay on Mars, at the time he was the most feared agent of the cruel Coohagen. He decides to fly to Mars in search of his enigmatic past.

With :

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Sharon Stone
  • Michael Ironside
  • Rachel Ticotin
  • Ronny Cox

The cars used in Total Recall's 1990 were designed and produced by Mike Fennel Enterprises at Saugus, in California.

Lots of car models have been adapted for the film, I do not deal with this subject here, but it's worth looking, there are beautiful cars !
At least 3 taxis were manufactured, only one will remain in a Museum after the film. Where did the others go ?

Rob Bottin was drawn to horror movie monsters early on, he quickly started drawing his own creatures. At the age of 14 years, he decides to send his creations to his idol, Rick Baker, who hires him on the spot. They then work side by side on the shooting of several films. He will be the director of special effects for Total Recall and he will choose Robert Picardo from Star Trek because he loved the look, to create Johnny, the taxi driver who will upset Arnold Schwarzenegger from their first meeting ! 

A taxi is still visible at the Miami Auto Museum.

When we visit the Total Recall page on the Museum, we realize that the taxi is for sale at the price of 34.995 $ ! lol

Technical sheet :

  • Volkswagen Taxi 1990
  • Total Recall Movie Car
  • 6 wheels
  • Engine 4 cylinders
  • Transmission 4 speeds
  • Exterior color Aqua
  • Interior color Gray
During the filming of the taxi movie in 6 wheels

If you wish to extend this cinematographic visit, I advise you to visit the article in the WordPress blog of my darling Virginie Maneval which deals with Total Recall 2012, in which there are equally extraordinary and multi-wheeled vehicles, it's here on

Taxi plans to 6 wheels :

The artist's view :

If you are visiting the Miami Museum :

Do not hesitate to send me your most beautiful photos if you go there !

Let's go to johnny, the unbearable robot that was designed in fiberglass.

____—-++++ Small Bonus ++++—-____

It’s in this fabulous film that we also find this prostitute with 3 breasts who it seems would disappear on DVD… I doubt, when it goes on tv we see it very well ! It’s Lycia Naff who plays this three breasted prostitute.

non ?
hein ???
But if we see it !!!

But it exists in real or not ?

It seems like…
Too weird…
Noooooon !!!


Founder of mm2 France, oto6, then from Sixmania. The 6 wheels and more have always been a passion for me. It started in 1980 thanks to a certain Christian de Léotard, you know ?

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