Capri Tisa VI + WE – Trevor Wright 1986

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You like the Ford Capri ? According to its author, this oddity is a Capri to 6 wheels !
Trevor Wright hails from a small seaside town of Mablethorpe in Lincolnshire, when journalists wanted to take a photo shoot by the sea in winter, they struggled to contain all the curious so much this car gathers the crowds.
Trevor used it every day and something 5 000 km were covered in 1986.
Trevor is a motorist by trade, As many, he wanted to differentiate himself by driving an unusual car. First 6 wheels to highlight it, then it was his friend Ron who supplied him with many parts of the car, like the Rolls Royce Vanden Plas grille and twin headlights from a Datsun. The first job was to strip and cut the Capri.

The chassis has been extended by 58 cm and the mounting of the two rear axles was determined by sketching it in chalk on the workshop floor. Differential removed from rear axle and center bearings added, but the handbrake works on all four rear wheels.
Trevor Wright first mounted a Jensen Interceptor rear, but since he doesn’t like it and the color was not the right one, he decided to mount a rear of Jaguar XJ6, he had found one who had stung his head first into a ditch !

Ford Capri 2600 RS Jaguar XJ6 Jensen Interceptor

It didn't take him long to find out that the XJ6 was 17 cm wider than the Capri, which posed a major problem as to how to marry the two halves ! Trevor's solution consisted in incorporating an aerodynamic profile and a roll bar at the junction of the 2 pieces using the Jaguar's windshield pillars as a starting point. Once all bodywork has been completed, it was painted in Renault Garnet and BMW Plum colors.

When you build a six-wheeled car, you are suddenly faced with a hefty bill for six tires, Trevor made a kind of barter to be able to afford Kelly Super Chargers equipped with B60 x 13″ for a fortnight of work a local factory.
These wheels are chargers of 6 x 13 Cobra in front and 7 x 13 Shelbys at the back.
Trevor a nommé in Capri Tisa VI + VI after months of thinking.

The reason the name only appears on the left side is that the stencil was damaged after the first application of paint and that Keep on Crusin (Continue your Cruise) seemed a suitable currency for the other side.
The interior contains a myriad of switches and gauges and there are even more gauges positioned behind the hood bulge. There are also raised rear seats, a chain shifter and a cut steering wheel from an Atari video game computer !
Pye stereo with quad speakers provides sound. Trevor still had work to do inside, he planned to finish the coating in buttoned Dralon.
The engine of the machine is a V6 of 3 liters with Janspeed exhaust manifolds.
The total length is 5,397 meters, the weight is 1422,5 kg, it took exactly 2,284 hours to build it and it cost about 3 500 £.

We don't know what happened to Trevor and his wife Sue, nor their Capri at 6 wheels, if you know more, do not hesitate to contact me on !


Founder of mm2 France, oto6, then from Sixmania. The 6 wheels and more have always been a passion for me. It started in 1980 thanks to a certain Christian de Léotard, you know ?

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