Les Vans

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There is something for every taste, in 4 wheels of course, but also in 6, 8, and 10 wheels, of all sizes, with skips or two-headed, of all colors and for all genres. Outside, they are very often painted with huge frescoes, following themes, they have portholes, chrome, also butterfly doors the vertical exhausts of American trucks, with lots of beautiful colors. Usually, inside it is not really a motorhome, there is often only one bed, sometimes even with a waterbed, carpet from floor to ceiling when it's not toupee or hair. A bed… for the conquests, but also sometimes for prostitution… AU states, there are always big gatherings of Vans for a weekend or a special event, but I believe that they are more and more dedicated to camping. Today it's a state of mind.
I have a lot of 6 wheels, I will present them to you on several pages otherwise it might be boring !

the 6 wheels only because Guy loves the rear tandem wheels. That makes it a little more room in his Chevy, the basic idea, This is a beautiful painting, the interior is almost a motorhome… with a large bed for conquests !
thank you to Jean Pierre Lafond (14/06/2007)

Pickup GMC orange à 8 wheels

Red chevy butterfly doors

Microvan Dodge B100 1970

Personal achievement of a van to 6 wheels, butterfly doors, Ebay (25/12/2006)

A mini-article by Stephan Blackburn : Van Ford Econoline

Descending from Fermont in Canada, I stopped 3 time :
Sadly, the vehicle is not in very good condition, even if it operates. The paint off everywhere, and finish missing…
However, it's very original. Always on the state of “project”, van relies heavily on electricity, hence we find no handle to door, that open to the electricity !
The side door, as that of the rear, open by swooping to the ground. We can climb it without effort motorcycles (the owner is fond of motorcycles), and then sleep under the stars while remaining sheltered !!!

The grille and logo “Lincoln” were added to the look (not convinced…). I do not see on what model it was taken. Still there, an investigation by “images Google” give perhaps the solution…

Not bad the info I could get, considering I have not spoken to the owner himself. The engine is a V-8 351 inch cubes “Cleveland”.

If you have questions, you can call it without problems.


Barry's Van & Muscle Car Collection

Engine 360 THERE
HIGHLIGHTS 360 CI engine
Headers Aluminum intake
Side pipes Extra tag axle
Driveline has less than 10,000 miles
Multiple award winner
California custom van with high quality exterior air brush artwork
LED and fiber optic lights
Limousine style interior by Big Boys Coach Builders
Dual air conditioning unit
Two flat screens
Big sound system

Thank you Vincent Cheroux

Vans fashion is slowly coming back, I must admit that it has the mouth !

car 6 wheels
car 6 wheels
(source Christian de Léotard)
Another beautiful version (28/01/2008)


Founder of mm2 France, oto6, then from Sixmania. The 6 wheels and more have always been a passion for me. It started in 1980 thanks to a certain Christian de Léotard, you know ?

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