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I have to introduce myself ? I'm not sure what to tell you, I dare not…

Bon, come on, I was born in 1961 in Niort (nice town, you know ?) so I'm more of a guy from the south (even if i'm a guy from Niort), with old Italian origins, I have skin that tans almost to black and I love the sun and the heat.

So I said I'm an old mafioso grandpa (in theory soon to retire), I like to organize things, build and produce. Sort of, I am a designer… I did not say god ! I have tons of ideas but not always enough to implement them unfortunately because I am paid with a slingshot since I am a civil servant…

When I had 25 banks, I was in the private sector, I had a Golf GTI G60 Edition One, a super crate, as i like them, since then i also had a Jaguar XJ6 4.2L.
I have always been passionate about cars, all cars, even those to 6 wheels and more, reason I made this site. I started it in the year 2000, under other names, Molki's passions, then oto6 and now SixMania.

I have a lot of passions in my life, one of which is IT. It’s also my job, I have been developing applications since 1980. I have a state diploma as a programmer analyst !
I love computers, I have many, of various sizes and shapes, and at home I have a Ali-baba cave of spare parts for PC, a bit like my dad with his home mechanic workshop.
I also do 3D in my spare time, I learned as an autodidact, I spent a few hours !

My dad was a Central Engineer at Bertin (Aerotrain, R4 coupe, DS compressor, etc.) then engineer at Cogéma / Areva, in nuclear.
My mom set up the driver's license at 16 years with his team, she worked for a long time in the Autodrome de Linas Montlhéry, to the National Road Safety Organization (US), as a psychologist, driver behavior specialist.

here, sentimental side, I am in symbiosis with Virginie Maneval, you know, the woman passionate about Bulles houses, whose Dad was a great Architect, the same one who created the Bubble six Cockles, and she is also the woman who manages the site, you will find the link in the menu on the left.

I am also a musician in my spare time, I did 7 years of classical piano, I have a DX7, a sax and an electric guitar, but I also play the flute and the harp !
I write a lot, less as we age, but still a little, poems, songs and texts, news, and with Virginie, we plan to write a book about his Dad.

I hope that with this little presentation you will better understand me !

I also have a private base64 email. : I also have a private base64 email.

See you soon on SixMania

34 thoughts on “Marc Simonnet

  1. Hello,
    I just read your site which interests me a lot and which I find super, thank you for creating !
    My name is Didier GIORNI, me also of Italian origin, I live in Nantes and I have always been fascinated by vehicles in 6 wheels, a tel point qu a 61 years old I am particularly interested in American vans with double rear axles to such an extent that I am considering an acquisition.
    Could you assist me in my process by indicating addresses ?

  2. Looking forward to meeting you on an alley at Rétromobile. As if by chance, it was in front of the Fiat 500 6×4…..I understand now.
    Bravo for your journey and that of your parents. No matter the subject,the most important thing is to be passionate.
    I ride Maserati myself 222 E (1989) For almost 20 years.
    Good luck to both of you.


    1. Thank you Philippe
      Beautiful passion than the automobile and the Maserati !
      It's still missing in 6 wheels.
      Very good luck to you

  3. But how did this car get burnt ?
    It’s still weird no ?
    What we are waiting for to recover and restore it ?

  4. Many interesting things on your site. Bravo!
    Small correction for the 6 3m49 wide HEMOS wheels.
    Front and rear wheels are steered for a reduced turning radius. The machine is fully hydrostatic and the central axle is controlled to generate perfectly balanced support between the three axles. She was driving (because built in 1995 unfortunately she finished her career) at an adjustable speed from 1m / h to 60km / h thanks to a mercedes 350cv engine. Hydraulic pump drive was independent of engine speed.
    It reminds me of very nice memories.
    E. from HOOTEGEM

    1. thank you very much, I corrected the page of agricultural vehicles, there was very little on the Hemos.

  5. Hello
    I like your site and I consult it quite often
    I found a photo of an Alpine V6 at 6 wheels you may like it
    I don't know how to send it to you

        1. Hello
          Great site with lots of 6 wheels and lego, thank you very much that's great !
          Maybe a little article one of his days on your activity ?
          Do not hesitate to come and publish your creations on the sixmania.garage facebook group 🙂
          See you soon

  6. Hello,

    I am currently writing a book on Citroën Dyane and Acadiane. You have nice version photos “6 wheels”. could you allow me to publish them in my book ?
    With my thanks for helping me to illustrate it.

    1. Hello

      No worries about your book, get the photos you want, you have my permission, if you put a small somewhere that would be nice, but that said these photos are mostly from the internet and I'm not the author.
      Send me an email when it is published, I will put you a little ad. Good luck Christophe.

  7. Hello, I have a Twingo 1 series 2 and I would like to do it by pickup but without adding wheels that must be done for homologation knowing that I simply cut the roof if you know the process, please send it to me. Have a good day

    1. Hello
      For it, you must send a complete file to the DRIRE (Regional Directorate of Industry, of Research and the Environment) who will carry out a check to see in particular if the vehicle complies with the legislation.
      Best regards

  8. Hello , I’m interested in a 6×6 Land Rover conversion and was wondering if you had any idea on how to drive the extra axle ? I have seen the through differential pictured above and was wondering where could such a thing be found .
    Many thanks in advance , mike .

    1. Hello

      I couldn’t help you on these technical details, try to find a Land Rover forum that might allow you to find a 6×6 dual transfer box, if anyone else answers please leave a comment for Mike.
      Best regards

  9. Good morning Marc , I found your site following a question about the r5turbo 6×6 on the GDB Youtube channel .
    Here is my question : Mr. Léotard RIP had made a version 6×6 of the famous Renault 5 turbo
    with a r5alpine engine (93cv) at the front and a r5turbo engine (160cv) in back , each engine has its own box .
    I would like to know how he managed to deal with the sizeable difference in power between the front and the rear ?
    Logically the rear engine more powerful than the one in front should push the one in front.
    non ?
    In short, thank you for shining a light on my lantern and good luck with your interesting site ^^

    1. Hello Mr. Hamdini
      Unfortunately, I don't really know how to answer you about this, I guess it's the gearboxes that synchronize the wheels so that they turn at the same speed, but suddenly when the 2 motors run together, the Turbo engine power is as if constrained by the Alpine engine. The Turbo engine can only deliver its full power when it is on its own.
      Maybe other readers can answer you better than me ?!
      thank you

      1. Thank you for your reply
        Well that's about what i thought , maybe the front engine had a short gearbox and the one behind had a long gearbox they both agree .
        In any case, it's very unfortunate that the car caught fire … Too bad .
        I hope that there are some archives left which would allow us to reconstruct a similar model history that it will not be forgotten for the future. .
        cordially , friendships from Belgium of a guy who used up his shorts in Renault cars (specially Renault 5 ) Madjid ,vintage 1977 ^^

        1. Madjid

          I know for sure that there is a duplicate of this R5 Turbo 6×6, in Paris, but unfortunately I do not know anything more except that it is not by Christian de Léotard and that it belongs to a private collector. Case to follow…

  10. Hi Marc
    I came across your website by chance. Of course I immediately checked out what was going on at Land Rover 6×6 to see there.
    And lo and behold, there is my car!!
    The beige Land Rover with the small cabin and the light brown tarpaulin over the bed. The picture is from 2005. A friend of mine bought the car and started restoring it. But this is not finished.
    I bought and assembled the puzzle three years ago. But not with the flatbed but with a continuous body and folding roof.
    Unfortunately I haven't found how to upload a picture here.

  11. Hi – I was looking up pictures of my dad, Paul Jameson and the Jameson Merlin, there seem to be a lot on SixMania. Unfortunately he passed away when I was sixteen and I don’t have many photos of him. Is there any way I can get these printed? Happy to pay but not sure how to go about it. Thank you!

    1. Hi Joanna
      Of course, you can take and print these photos for free. Your daddy was a great man. Yours truly.

  12. Hello good Morning,
    I am jorge, a happy owner of a Renault 5 TL manufactured in December 1985 and sold in June 1986, I would like to introduce you to the forum of a club to which I belong, since I have a Renault.

    And in turn I would like to ask permission to be able to pass a post there, like the Renault 6×6 de Dirk Dutschmann, It is something that I am passionate about and first you have to ask permission, so I'm doing it.

    I hope answer with whatever. Greetings and thank you.


  13. Hello
    so I love them 6 wheels,I will dream of having a c15 do you know where I can find it thank you

    1. Hello
      Watch out for classified ads, especially the right corner. The C15.6 is quite rare, there were only 100 manufactured

  14. good morning Marc, information about the red r5 :6 burnt wheels in a garage 5,! unfortunately during covid ! the vehicle has just been destroyed by the town hall! and yes ! at the request of neighbors and by a scrap dealer who broke other vehicles with nothing left ! just a small room and my sorrow for not having been able to do anything unfortunately right next to my brother-in-law's house .( marc: we have already exchanged in the past ) how sad all of this is.!!! there remain the videos and our memories! cordially Eric w.

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