Ford 28 A Tudor Fake

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C’est a Ricky Bobby’s Rod Shop de Manchester, Tennessee we owe this superb Ford A Tudor. He likes to build Rods quickly. For this copy he would have had to 100 days to go from a clean sheet to this immaculate white rod!!! Many of us would like to do the same. After a report on Discovery Channel where he produced a Rod in just 28 days, his phone kept ringing. So, Larry Jordan, Pro-Mod pilot contacted him to implement his project and knew that only Ricky could satisfy his requirements. Requirements which were to build him a white car busted to death, on the floor and especially with the air conditioning!!! And end with a “Call me when you’re finished” !!!

That’s good since Ricky’s “signature” modification is the radical top chop. So he grabs this body of a ’28 Ford A Tudor lying dormant in his yard and begins cutting 9 inches at the front and 8 in back. He also replaces the roof opening with a piece of recent 4x4 roof cut to the right dimensions and welded. The top chop is so severe that the cap had to be flattened a little to allow correct visibility. The rear window therefore resembles the slot of a mailbox. Ford's grille 32 is she also caught 4 inch. The chassis is entirely home made and therefore it is lowered to the maximum thanks to a 7inch kick up at the front and 20 in back, is the cash register channeled to the max too?. The bridge is housed under the body and shortened just enough to let the rear tires lick the body. It is also fully chromed. The rear wheels are machined in a vintage style 20 and equipped with tires 700-20 BF Goodrich white-sided as requested by Larry. At the front, these are motorcycle tires that sit on rims of 4 inches wide. All this is painted in White of course from PPG

The 425ci engine comes from a Buick Riviera 65 with a TH-400 box. Offenhauser valve covers match perfectly with Stromberg air filters 97 de chez Crafty B air cleaners. The exhausts are custom made by Ricky as well as the sheet metal by Feu. The front disc brakes are hidden by fake Buick-style drums 40. The Johnson Hot Rod Shop's front axle is made of aluminum. Inside, it's a Ford dashboard 40 which takes place decorated with Classic Instruments counters, Ford's steering wheel 40 also is a reproduction and has been reduced in diameter to fit without touching the roof!!!

What is striking about this rod is its unique style.. A kind of classy Rat Rod. No rust here, only white!!! The perfect proportions provided by Ricky’s team have a lot to do with it.

In our case, it will be a superb 3D fake !!!



Founder of mm2 France, oto6, then from Sixmania. The 6 wheels and more have always been a passion for me. It started in 1980 thanks to a certain Christian de Léotard, you know ?

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