Supercar T600 – Luigi Colani 2015

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The Supercar T600 concept consists of combining bionics and aerodynamics, the “forme Colani” unique guarantees that it sticks perfectly to the ground at high speed. But what is a bionic body?

Bionic bodywork uses curved shapes and surfaces reminiscent of living structures and fractals. Luigi Colani is the specialist in bionic structures, most of its vehicles are designed with shapes that refer to animals, often coming from the seabed, but also birds.

This set of creations is mainly made up of curves, everything is round, without angle. Luigi Colani liked to say that the straight line was not part of his dictionary. It is reminiscent of a famous habitologist who said that the right angle does not exist in nature. Antti Lovag dreamed of an architecture marrying the forms of nature and the movements of the human body.

It is therefore thanks to the natural curves of Luigi Colani that the aerodynamics of the car effectively reduces the resistance to air generated by the T600 at high speed and improves the stability of the vehicle., with an extremely low Cx.

The T600 is slated to reach the staggering speed of 600 km/h, but unfortunately, Luigi Colani did not leave any information about the engine of his car in 6 wheels

The body measures 5,5 meters long 2,2 meters wide. As often with this Engineer-Creator, only a scale model 1 was built and presented in various salons in China and Korea. Unfortunately he left us 16 September 2019 without being able to achieve this new record. He had however often accustomed us to lots of speed and low consumption records by renting the salt lake of Bonneville several times in his life.

These photos were taken in Dongdaemum, see the article by Bubblemania on this subject

We just have to hope that his son Solon Luigi Colani, designer in Berlin takes over from his dad, he is rather specialized in cinema special effects, but you never know.

Colani's last exhibition in 2019 before his death, where he presented his latest luxury motorhome and the T600, a little hidden on the left.

For the little story, the car was unveiled 2 times in China with a whole bunch of important Chinese personalities, these photos are exclusive because they are difficult to find on the web.

On the Colani stand at the Guangdong Industrial Design Exhibition in 2015 avec Zhao Yufang, the vice-governor of Guangdong province, Xu Jianhua, secretary of the Dongguan Municipal Party Committee, Yuan Baocheng, Deputy Secretary and Mayor of Dongguan Municipal Party Committee, Ren Kelei, president of the Shenzhen Design Federation,  and other leaders who welcomed the new Supercar T600 with an unveiling ceremony.

And another ceremony on the same principle and still in 2015, somewhere in China

See as well articles dedicated to Luigi Colani on the Bubblemania site

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