The Bug – Arcadia 2007

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Arcadia is was designed in a bubbling laboratory test tube and was born one day at the Glastonbury festival in England in 2007. Its creators, Bert Cole and Pip Rush have decided to create a world apart, based on DJ music and at the center of post-futuristic artistic movements supervised by artists from the dance world, theater and circus.
To accommodate an ever-growing audience, the 2 engineers and their technical teams have created automata, each one more fabulous than the other, a bit like the machines on the island in Nantes, but all dedicated to music. There are regular new machines accompanied by incredible animations.

Arcadia is a company, it includes several poles, techniques, musical, security, artistic, and also include a Sharing pole, created to share skills, Arcadia networks and resources with a much wider range of communities. Current projects include sculpture and performance workshops with recycled products for groups of young people, and the development of well drilling technology in a remote part of Sierra Leone, in collaboration with local communities to create a cycle of sustainable agriculture. 100% benefits acquired in the workshops go directly to Arcadia Sharing.

We are going to take a quick tour of these machines, most of which are inspired by nature, and we will focus on one of them..


The first in a series of tailor-made productions for the Glastonbury Festival. The hemispherical scene is constructed from 150 tons of recycled steel and will evolve over five years to become an air show.

The Reactor

A revolutionary geometric matrix where cutting-edge technology, high octane performance and snappy bass lines collide, the Reactor is a dancefloor experience at 360 degrees, fully immersive.

The Afterburner

The Afterburner is a dance arena in 360 stages including a DJ booth built from a jet engine and radiant dance platforms for the surrounding audience. Fully rigged with lights, fire and an incredible ambisonic sound system that can be installed in a single shipping container, he toured the best festivals in the world, from Glastonbury to Ultra & Burning man.

The Spider

The Arcadia Spider is a monumental work of art. The installation of 50 tonnes is constructed from recycled military equipment and can be used in all weathers. As a testament to its design and durable materials, it is designed to last. The Spider is fully engineered with a wide range of effects from moving limbs firing C02, heavy pyrotechnics, with perforating lasers in advanced lighting.

The Bug

Rolling on 6 autonomous sculpture wheels, The Bug is a mobile amphibious dance scene.

Its curved shell bristles with a stealthy light show, and the wings unfold to reveal a small but fully equipped scene.
It is precisely this vehicle that will interest us on SixMania.
Arcadia uses an old military Alvis Stalwart recycled of course. It is surmounted by 2 ladybug wings that can open and close electrically.
When the wings are open, they give access to a tray which allows for example to put a DJ with his turntables, powerful speakers are also housed there.
It’s one of Arcadia’s oldest attractions, she can easily participate in parades since she can keep riding during the show.

Visit their website !


Founder of mm2 France, oto6, then from Sixmania. The 6 wheels and more have always been a passion for me. It started in 1980 thanks to a certain Christian de Léotard, you know ?

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