Kaz de Hiroshi Shimizu – 2001

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She appeared in 2001 for the first time, after 5 years of work and 4 millions of dollars, it will be called the KAZ (Peace in Japanese), Keio Advanced Zero-Emission vehicle. She has 8 wheels, 8 motors and 8 Places, she reaches the 100 Km / h 7 seconds and 311 Km / h in one minute. It has a range of 300 km in normal load and uses Li-ion battery 315 V. If the wheels while before was not working, The following continue to ensure the proper behavior of the vehicle. This is a real 8×8 from 6,70 m long and 2980 Kg ! She does 590 CV thanks to its 8 55kW engine.
Hiroshi Shimizu is an engineer and professor already known at Keio University in Japan for having already designed an electric car in 1991, the IZA with which he will realize at the time 2 world records, maximum speed of 176 km/h, and autonomy 270 km to 100 km/h. Later he will also create the’Eliica whose article you will find on sixmania.fr. The concept of “integrated platform” is the basis of this new technology, composed of electric motors in all eight wheels, a chassis which in turn incorporates almost all the components plus the lithium ion batteries (so all the weight is centered on the lower platform, ideal for excellent road grip). Another unique detail is the tandem suspension, helping to reduce wheel size, i.e. eight smaller wheels. The impact that the wheels cause on the road will be better dispersed by more wheels. Originally the 2 front axles and rear axle were directional, but in some pictures, the rear axle looks fixed.

the WHO

Both the KAZ and the Eliica have been studied in depth regarding the aerodynamics of the bodywork, quite a challenge because this car likes to be a mix between a luxury sedan and a sports car.

Front view, right hand drive in japan

A priori the Kaz has changed 3 look times. Its body has similarities with the “hated” Fiat Multipla and its row of headlights just under the windshield.

The G-CAR KAZ is not a modified engine car, but the first lithium-ion battery car designed from the ground up. It was developed by adopting the elementary technology, to improve the performance specific to electric vehicles. It is possible to travel approximately 300 km with a single charge. By arranging all the components under the floor, they managed to enlarge the space in the passenger compartment, to reduce overall weight, and to stabilize the assembly by lowering the center of gravity. It uses tandem suspension to reduce individual vibrations. By adopting all-wheel drive, the energy transmission loss is reduced, the drive system is lighter and interior space is maximized. The maximum speed is 311 km/h, acceleration performance is 7 seconds of 0 to 100 km/h, and it goes from 0 to 400 m in 153 seconds. The Kaz achieves ultra high performance.

The Kaz with its creator Hiroshi Shimizu
What a space !

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