CdL – Mercedes

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CdL – Mercedes

Here are some other achievements of the Master 6 wheels, Christian de Leotard, on Mercedes.

Leotard models can keep the & rsquo; Stuttgart star on the grille, c & rsquo; is a privilege that & rsquo; it only shares with Duchatelet and AMG.

1986 : Transformation of the Mercedes 190 and from 190 GE 6 drive wheels according to the following principle : Mercedes normal deck of Conservation, from which is fitted a transmission by Continental Belt makes the & rsquo; rigid driven rear axle. Price of transformation : 600 000 Francs, almost 100 000 €.

First transformation 190 : Mercedes 190 6×6 GIVE 5.0 (05/11/2006)

1989 : Transformation of the Mercedes 190 by car 6 wheels : 5,17 meters, 1350 kg empty, 100 000 FHT

Mercedes 190 current d & rsquo; development


Personally, j & rsquo; love this Mercedes 190 to 6 wheels (05/11/2006)

Another article in the magazine Lui !

Here aujourd & rsquo; hui, in his juice

In his garage. It m & rsquo; promised to rehabilitate
significantly increasing engine power.

Among some other renewal waiting cars !

Looks like some have already been used…

1984 : Christian prepares Leotard 6×4 and 6×6 from the Mercedes G-type short or long for customers & rsquo; Europe or the Middle East. These breaks or pickups retain the normal Mercedes bridge, from which is fitted a transmission by Continental Belt makes the & rsquo; rigid driven rear axle. These types G reach nearly 5,60 meters long and weigh 2,6 tonnes. Price of transformation : from 200 000 to 600 000 Francs.

Mercedes 4×6 closely with Mercedes and Peugeot,
c & rsquo; is with a model like this that & rsquo; he will Dakar 1984.

civilian clothes, 1,4 ton payload and more !

Mercedes 280 GE 6×6 (05/11/2006)

Mercedes G 6×6 passengers (05/11/2006)

Family photo before the 6×6 280 GIVE (Christian thank you)

Incredible, a story of MB Prospekt on the Mercedes G which serve for the & rsquo; Australian army, and that this first image is a fake ! Thank you to Werner for his scan

The famous 280 GE you can see two pictures on this page !

Advertisement Mini Racing for Mercedes kits Leotard ! (source Internet)


Founder of mm2 France, oto6, then from Sixmania. The 6 wheels and more have always been a passion for me. It started in 1980 thanks to a certain Christian de Léotard, you know ?

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  1. Hello, I look for good quality images of mercedes 6×6 deleotard who participated in the Dakar paris 1984 under the number 352, would you have it?
    thank you in advance.

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