Mercedes-Benz G550 US 6×4 – 2015

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We all know the Mercedes G63 6×6 AMG which should be today 6 the world's most famous civil factory drive wheels !
There is also a article about him on Sixmania and here is a link to an article on a version (non official) fitted out in SUV ! :

And since the birth of G-Wagen, there are many variations 6×6 of this iconic all-terrain vehicle ! … How many independent bodybuilders have worked on the subject ? … Certainly a lot !

In France we had From Léotard and abroad it’s in the USA, in the Emirates and Russia which are mostly found.

Here is a link (to translate) which gives us an overview : and a video of the test of a Russian G-Wagen :

The soldiers also had their G-car 6×6 transformed to military specifications !

So why still present a G-Wagen 6 wheels ?

Well already because it is a unique copy, but above all, is June 1×4 which is not common for a transformation into 6 wheels of a G-Wagen !

This is a G550 US 4 base×4 from 2015 to which was grafted the posterior part of another G-Wagen, Hence the fact that 2 rear compartment windows are identical.
And so the second axle was not connected to the transmission system, only the braking system was taken over.

Inside, the extra space gives an extra row of seats for 2 passengers and the original trunk capacity is retained.

It is therefore a simpler and less expensive transformation which technically approximates the principle of lengthening American limousines.

The bodybuilder responsible for this transformation is not mentioned, it is an American company since this vehicle is in the United States and currently drives between Grandville in Michigan and North Hollywood in California.

Overall the realization is very well executed, it could almost be in accordance with a special factory production ...

Outwardly, although its appearance might suggest that it is a G63 or G65 AMG version, it is not so, only the body parts concerned have been replaced by AMG parts.
We are also deluded by the elevation of 5 cm and by the large wheels of 22″ !

But ultimately, the machine remains a G550 in interior finish “Designo” (special luxury series).

So, at the sight of these elements, one wonders what can really justify such a transformation, because even if it was done in an economically optimized way, this project still required significant resources…

Indeed, off-road use is not really optimized in 6×4, and with the added weight, handling and performance must be affected ...
If it's just to have one more row of seats, a less expensive modification on a series W463 would have been enough…

In fact, it's for the style and the image given ... the fluff ... it is true that for a fraction of the price of a real G63 6×6 AMG, the illusion is perfect !

And just about that… how much did it cost ?
We can get an idea because it is currently for sale at auction on Ebay USA…
An attempt to sell took place last year through the same channel with a starting price at 160000$ (186000Around €) but without success, reserve price not reached.
And this year, it is back on the market at a price of 180000$ (210000Around €) but for immediate purchase this time !
You can view the ad here :

Some technical data :
∙ Length : 5660 mm (+ 1010mm)
∙ Height : 2000mm (+ 50mm)
∙ Weight : 3300kg
∙ Engine : V8 5,5l 387ch 530nm

Source : this article is based on Andrew's editorial published on in 2017.

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