BAZ-5921 chassis to float 6 Special wheels

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An article of Laurent and Séverine (09/03/2008)

4 mars 1968, decision of the Cabinet Russian for the creation of the “vehicle division system of high precision shooting missiles”.
In this regard, KB Bryansk was requested to develop a wheeled amphibious family of load capacity 7 tons capable of traveling on all categories of roads and beyond.

Suspensions independent torsion bars on all wheels.
On the 6 frame wheels, tires 1200×500-508 are with air pressure control (via a centralized system). The front axle and the rear axle are steered and verse (it rotates together), only the central train is fixed.

Unlike baz-5921, designed for launch, the baz-5922 can receive several different cabins and bunkers.

In 1970, began arriving at the factory of Volgograd the first samples of the frame.

interior view of a 5921

interior view of a 5922

The baz-5921 is the base of the mobile tactical missiles destination system 9 K79 Point. In 5921 baz-load compartment are mounted the mechanism for launching missiles with elevation angle.

the baz-5922 are equipped with jib crane and other equipment for the transport of two missiles.

Mass production of vehicles BAZ on bases 5921 and 5922 Bryansk began in May 1974.

Crew : 3
transmission : 6×6
Length : 11,76 m
Width : 3,13 m
Height : 3 m
empty weight in running order : 11,3 t
gross weight (with rocket) : 18,145 t
Charge capacity : 7,200 t
Engine : diesel motor 5 D20B-300 (or 5 D20K-300)
engine power : 300 ch. (2600 tr/min)
land speed : 70 km/h
Speed ​​on the water : 8 km/h
autonomy : 650 km
Operating temperature range : -40… + 50 °
consumption while driving on land : about 40 l / 100 km.

version Fire ?


Founder of mm2 France, oto6, then from Sixmania. The 6 wheels and more have always been a passion for me. It started in 1980 thanks to a certain Christian de Léotard, you know ?

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