Prototypes Trabant 8 wheels - 1970/1980

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Sometimes it is tinted with mystery stories circulating on the web, here is one ... more there is immersed in the heart of the years 70/80 in the ancient relationship between & rsquo; former East Germany and the & rsquo; former Soviet Union, two countries that the cult of secrecy was legion ...

The information about this oddity is scarce and very fragmented on the net, here's what the & rsquo; one can know :

This strange car 8 wheels would result from a collaboration between the two aforementioned nations and c & rsquo; is the GDR would have provided the platform : the famous Trabant.

There would have been 2 prototypes built, l & rsquo; with a Trabant engine 2 time 26ch, and & rsquo; another with 2 Ural motorcycle engine combined 77ch.

L & rsquo; entrance is apparently by the & rsquo; roof-glazing all that seems to slide towards the & rsquo; back ...

amphibious option of assumptions are discussed after ... nothing confirms this fact… especially in view of the cooling fans located under grills in the front apron…

In terms of the & rsquo; utility 8 wheels, we can only ask questions :

  • Is A 8×4 or an 8×8 ?
  • The central wheels are raised ... is to save them when they are not useful ? Or is it normal position for landing promptly to & rsquo; ventral angle ?
  • The wheels of the & rsquo; axle 1 are steered, but it seems that those of the axle 2 be as the… Finally marginally or not at all…
  • This craft was & lsquo; he referred to a military use ? civil ?

The project would have remained at the & rsquo; draft and then abandoned.
The vehicle shown here have long stayed in a Russian museum, then the fall of the USSR, the museum was closed and she literally found on the streets from ..., she disappeared.

The photos date from 2007.

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Bruno Tourmen

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