Mercedes G-Class 6×6 Military – France 2017

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Mercedes Class G 6×6 Military – France 2017

According to my friend C.R.. :
This is a vehicle sheltérisé (use of a shelter). It is a command vehicle or guiding aircraft.
The shelter serves to isolate electromagnetic pulses and NRBC residues.
At first glance, it would be for the soil-air guide : had, missiles, etc…
But the dome can accommodate other options, It can be placed on the coast for boats naval detection, but also in detecting weather.

Why Mercedes ?
– Either this is an old Peugeot P4.
– Either it is a loan of the German army.
– Either it's a Mercedes G Special Forces.

It is possible that this vehicle is used by the CFST (Special Forces Command Ground) based PAU airport, but these are just suppositions.

Thank you to Lionel (Harry) for his photos taken near Le Mans on the highway in September 2017.


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