Volvo XC60 Dalbo – 2012

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The first generation XC60 is one of the most popular SUV in the world and a real success, it was Volvo's best-selling over the period.
So, it n & rsquo; is not a surprise that bodybuilders were interested in these vehicles.

C & rsquo; is the case of the Swedish company Dalbo Fordonsteknik who undertook to transform XC60 and XC70 in pick-up 4 × 4 or 6 × 4 apparently between 2012 and 2014…

The production quality seems very advanced and it is noted that the modified cars are equipped with Volvo R-Design body kit, what their give a sporty look.

Unfortunately there are only very little & rsquo; information on changes in Dalbo, may be that this activity n & rsquo; most are aujourd & rsquo; hui ... there are many empty website (which is still under construction !?) where & rsquo; n & rsquo it; learn that little ... if it n & rsquo; is that the design part is (was ?) managed by a Ulf Örtengren ...

However, is an amusing anecdote falls :
The Polestar Company is the official department “Sport & Special vehicles” Volvo has been working to convert a 6 × 4 Dalbo XC60 in dynamic shooting camera car for the needs of manufacturer's Communication Division Goteborg.
C & rsquo; thus an official car.

This car is painted matt black to avoid any light refractions and rear platform is scheduled for the & rsquo; harnessing the cameraman.

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