Volkswagen Scirocco six-wheeler custom – 1986

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John Malozsak is the owner of this very unique VW Scirocco.
He decided to make a beautiful car out of the ordinary for showing off, but really taken to the extreme.

He had made a first model of which we do not have photos, but he was not at all satisfied. He then decided to take over the whole design of his Scirocco.

He started by installing Sway-AWay anti-roll bars at the front and rear with lowered struts and independent progressive springs that improve handling and handling.

Then he installed a Neuspeed top strain bar for even better performance.

He then added an axle in the middle using a second Scirocco and remade the wheel arches in "tears"

The six wheels are all independent. Most carvings and grafts were done by John and his father, but the whole thing was finished by the company Concepts of Buena Park (California). The VW therefore has three pairs of Enkel SL25 rims 15 inch with BF Goodrich Euro T tires / As 195/50.

John also wanted to modify the bodywork in depth, he asked Concepts to create a side-tilt engine hood, however the butterfly doors were mainly built by John. The Scirocco also has a sunroof with a hood.

A set of Kame XI ground effects was installed and remodeled by hand. A personalized grille and European headlights have finally been installed.

Once changes are complete, it was painted in raspberry by M & M Carriage, Paramount (California).

A motor 1.8 GTI of 1986 has been installed, with a Neuspeed injection system and a Scirocco transmission from 1981.

Inside, thick carpet has been laid. A set of Honda Prelude bucket seats, an F1 steering wheel, racing harnesses and a full roll bar were then added.

Finally, a very complete stereo system has been installed, with a Sony disc changer, Sony TV and VCR, four subwoofers 15 inch), two of 12 inch), various mediums and tweeters. To power the system, four Alphasonic amps, electronic filters and an equalizer provide the power and adjustment functions necessary to make this Scirocco a true night club.

Female model : Donna Spangler


Founder of mm2 France, oto6, then from Sixmania. The 6 wheels and more have always been a passion for me. It started in 1980 thanks to a certain Christian de Léotard, you know ?

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