Russian Kama amphibious vehicle in 6 wheels – 1969

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The amphibious all-terrain vehicle “Like” was built in 1969 at Perm (in central Russia) par an artisan local Friederich Minzel. He had 6 wheels and four seats.

Old Russian advertisement for a Toula Scooter

The 6 wheels came from Toula scooters and offered less resistance in the water and probably had a lifting system to retract them as much as possible out of the water. Another advantage of scooter wheels was their reduced weight compared to those of a car. She had an M-72 motorcycle engine and a Zaporozhets gearbox. The car weighed 500 kg.

Moto M-72 Russian (production of 1945 to 1960)

The gearbox comes from a Zaporozhets

On the other hand, we do not know if this engine was mounted at the front or at the rear and therefore which axles it was driving. On the other hand, what we are sure of today is that it was also driving a boat propeller 3 blades for propulsion in water. The speeds given were 70 km / h on road and 60 km / h in water, a little overestimated maybe, who knows…
In winter, it was also possible to adapt skis instead of 2 front wheels and rubber tracks on the back.
Unfortunately, there is only 2 pictures in all and for all of this amphibious Kama.


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