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3 thoughts on “Tyrrell P34 – Derek Gardner 1976-1977

  1. Hello
    I discovered your site on the P34 !
    Great credit to you for having done so but your historical description of the evolution of the car is neither more nor less eccentric.
    There was no 6 versions, that you seem to confuse with the number of chassis produced.
    In the facts; there have been, a first laboratory chassis based on 007.
    We will call it P34 / 1.
    Thin test chassis 1975, not scheduled to run ( between other tank and chassis capacity tending to deform a priori.
    This chassis was tested with different calenders and air intake type 007 but prohibited in early 1976 Chassis visible at the Sisheim museum in Germany
    Tyrrell's decision to run P34 in 1976.
    3 additional chassis will be built: P34 / 2 – P34 / 3 and P34 / 4.
    Appear throughout the season versions and / or modify different depending on circuits (rear wings, cockpit openings, air intake more or less removed, etc …
    Arrive 1977, and the appearance of a major evolution with the construction of 3 additional chassis : P34 / 5, P34 / 6 and / P34 / 7.
    P34 / 2, P34 / 3 and P34 / 4 are configured. 1977 also ( cockpit bar among others, radiator positioning ) but P34 / 3 and P34 / 4 will be destroyed at the GP of Brazil 1977..
    … Body too heavy, wider front tracks, transfer of radiators and especially abandonment of Goodyear on the development of front tires will be right in the history of these superb Tyrrell .
    It seems that there is an additional 1or 2 other chassis built later and by collectors but no reliable information about me.
    ……… finally one of your photos challenged me
    P34 a 8 wheels. If you could tell me a little more ?
    To read to you.

    1. Hello benoît
      Suddenly I'm ashamed to have let a fake go by 8 wheels !
      I had however refined my article by taking care to read a lot of things on the P34 before publishing the new article…
      In fact Versions, I was talking about the look of the cars, I will try to resume all this properly with your precious information.
      In any case, thank you very much for your very constructive criticism., I see that I still have a lot of progress to make !

  2. good morning Marc
    Sorry and sorry to answer you so late.
    As you will understand, I was and still am a big fan of Tyrrell for following his whole story.
    Very unfortunate that this big name in F1 disappeared today just like lotus, Brabham. Etc…………
    Current F1 is tasteless to me.
    In any case I remain at your disposal to "complete" or help you on Uncle Ken's single-seaters.

    Looking forward to reading from you or meeting you

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