Transafricaine 2007 : La course

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Transafricaine 2007 : La course

Stéphane Valery and Stéphane Cassier are en route to Dakar, we will try to follow the following images I find…

Steps :

Thursday, November 1 : PARIS-LA DEFENSE / OLIVET
Liaison 130 km
The start of the race will be given on the Parvis de la Défense, a small nod to Dakar 1989 launched from the same place. Ensuite, first road section by National mythical 20 before the first step in a complex with a big dinner together. The first briefing will also be held during this day.

Friday 2 November : OLIVET / NARBONNE
Liaison 698 km – Piste 10 km
First regularity sector on the military terrain of Olivet where the Dakar prologues were held earlier in the year 80. This land is now used as a test track for Leclerc tanks. In the program : 10 km of uninterrupted slide since, naturally, the field is still very fat… After this exercise, participants will undertake the only major link of this Rally : 690 km to Narbonne.

Saturday 3 November : NARBONNE / BARCELONA
Liaison 5 km – Piste 20 km – Liaison 250 km
As in the first edition, City Narbonne will host the event with the establishment of the second regularity sector. With mounted and winding trails of the scrubland booked all year to practice 4×4, everyone can revise his riding technique ... the evening, the caravan of TransAfricaine Classic will stop in Barcelona.

Sunday 4 November : BARCELONA / ALMERIA / NADOR
Course neutrallisée – Liaison 800 km – Night boat at sea 6 hours
After a mainly motorway link, 6 hours of crossing spent resting after the departure of pressure.

Monday 5 November : NADOR / ERFOUD
Liaison 180 km – Piste 190 km – Liaison 175 km
Just arrived, competitors will enter directly into the heart of the matter with a fast connection 180 km followed by 190 km of slopes. The regularity sector will start on winding tracks through the hills of pine before becoming faster on the Rekkam tray down south. Watch out for traps first navigation ! The evening bivouac reserve a great surprise to competitors ...

Mardi 6 November : ERFOUD / TAGOUNITE
Liaison 16 km – Piste 276 km – Liaison 4 km

The town of Erfoud is the departure point for excursions to discover the great Saharan dunes. From this city, the race will Erg Chebbib which will track the first sector of dunes with a navigation zest. Shovels might be output for some ... The suite consists of fast tracks with beautiful scenery. Kilometers which are biased to the driving pleasure to the bivouac made in a millennium oasis worthy of the Thousand and One Night.

Wednesday 7 November : TAGOUNITE / FOUM EL HASSAN
Piste 288 km – Liaison 197 km
Departure regularity sector since the bivouac 200 km of pure happiness along Oued Draa. first crossing (optional for 2 WD) de l'Erg Chebaba. Participants then will borrow tar roads to Tata and descend the caravan route to the oasis of Foum el Hassan.

Thursday 8 November : Foum el Hasssan / SMARA
Liaison 135 – Piste 124 km – Liaison 255
A transitional step to get down as quickly as possible to the desert areas. The change of scenery will be radical with a regularity sector 140 km on the foothills of the Atlas. Competitors will face winding mountain trails with a lot of control ; all in a real western landscape !

Friday 9 November : SMARA / Aousserd
Piste 580 km
Here at last is the real desert, extended to the horizon where it is so easy to lose your bearings. A step which consists of 580 km of sandy tracks, fast and open specially for TransAfricaine Classic by Moroccans in a usually closed to tourism area. This is not the Ténéré but it looks like ! The evening bivouac will be held in the desert, along the Mauritanian border.

Saturday 10 November : Aousserd / CHINGUETTI
Liaison 80 km – Piste 512 km

sand, and still more sand sand for this entry in Mauritania after crossing the railway line the longest train in the world that will guide competitors to Choum. If it deviates from the path, the track becomes very soft. If we stay along the way, the puncture is risk with iron splinters escaping rails. We just have to find the right path ... The following kilometers will lead competitors to a large fast track to Atar, capital of the Adrar, to then step in Chinguetti.

Sunday 11 November : CHINGUETTI
Step off
Seventh holy city of Islam, Chinguetti is a millennium step road salt housed in the hollows of dunes. This city is divided in two by a river, now drained : on the one hand, Old Town with the 13th-century mosque, the other the new town and its own mosque. For the record, Chinguetti was also the filming location of the movie Fort Saganne. This day will be devoted to rest men and revision of machines. It will also provide the ability to change crew with the accompanying trip from Paris to the Rally of meeting.

Monday 12 November : CHINGUETTI / TIDJIKJA
Piste 371 km – Liaison 3 km
One of the most difficult stages despite its low mileage. Many sand, many stones, traces erased by the wind ... but in a dream setting ! A step which could not be run last year due to problems at the border and that certainly will be remembered competitors !

Mardi 13 November : TIDJIKJA / KIFFA
Liaison 85 km – Piste 321 km
The only step the same course last year but it would be quite impossible to avoid the "Pass Nega" ! This sandy neck often, in the past, changed the rankings of different Dakar who borrowed. It is part of "heritage" Rally-Raid today.

Wednesday 14 November : KIFFA / KAEDI
Piste 315 km
New change of scenery once past the "Road of Hope". The desert areas give way to lush vegetation which becomes progressively as we approach the Senegal River. Competitors must also pass the cliffs of the Pass Soufa. useful recommendation : attention to mosquitoes because the camp will take place at the river !

Thursday 15 November : KAEDI / RICHARD TOOL
Liaison 110 km – Piste 223 km – Liaison 34 km
A control step in a "Sahel" decor that will take competitors to the Rosso ferry to cross the river. A hyphen with Senegal and the entry into Black Africa.

Friday 16 November : RICHARD TOOL / LOMPOUL
Piste 188 km – Liaison 95 km
Last great stage through the desert of Ferlo. On the road, competitors will discover small villages typical huts and the first baobabs will emerge. The camp will be located in a magical setting in the dunes and the sea. Last briefing before returning to civilization.

Saturday 17 November : LOMPOUL / DAKAR
Liaison 15 km – Piste 100 km
The issuance of reaching the ultimate goal after 100 km range and, obviously, the magical arrival in Lake Rose ! Highlights of this day will be many with the podium ceremony, the champagne will flow and which unfortunately will mark the end of the adventure ... Departure in convoy to reach Dakar. The evening prizegiving around the pool in the DAKAR Mérdidien.


With the official photographer, Wwvanaendraufotoom, you will find the pictures of TACR2 No. 118 miniatures.


Valery Stéphane on 119

2th stage : the 3 November 2007

A huge thank you to that Buggyfamily, passionate about great rallies, was quick to go to Saint Pan passage control (St Pantaleon de Larche near Brive la Gaillarde), and attended a short break and snack between mechanical 4:15 p.m. 3:15 p.m. ET , oil leak on a hose , fortunately nothing serious !

“And then the sound of its V8 , she beautiful melody !”

You'll definitely recognized – from left to right –
Stéphane Valéry, Jean Christophe Daveau, Mazars Olivier Freddy Cassier

Pretty ! protection grille and headlights tuning 😉

The cave of Ali Baba

Stéphane Valery told me about the possibility of transforming it into 6×6, apparently it's always June 1×4…

superb !

If by some miracle (!!!), you also you are not far from the route of the Trans Classic 2007 and as you read these pages, feel free to send me pictures !

3th stage

Just a small photo to this step, Valéry know that Stéphane is 4th overall and Stéphane Cassier is 41st ! (Photo Michel Maindru for

5th stage

I am interested, overall in the 6th stage, the 118 does not appear… The 119 is still ranked 4th.

other steps…

The 7 November : NEWS ZANIROLI : The competitor No. 119 did several rolls 25 km after the start of the second SR.
The car went into a turn, the cause is probably due to a slow puncture.
The helicopter of the Race Direction was immediately on the accident, with the Chief Doctor of the medical team on board Fidélia. The crew is unharmed, but the co-pilot Bernard Duc suffering back was taken by helicopter to hospital in precaution of Agadir to spend the necessary radios.
The pilot, Stéphane Valéry remained ready vehicle and gathers the scattered business.

The 8 November : Bernard Duc : medical check-up. Yesterday transported straight by helicopter from the accident of his Range Rover in the Agadir hospital through the service of the medical team of Fidelia Assistance, Bernard Duc suffered, in the evening, a back of the scanner. The co-pilot Stephane Valery suffers from compaction and an unstable fracture of the fourth thoracic vertebra. It will be repatriated in the coming days in security and shell stretcher flight from Agadir to Marseille where he will undergo surgery ...

Source Zaniroli, Valery Stéphane is back on in Paris with the Range truck rear, he got the 13 November. It is likely that the crew of TACR has also abandoned, after numerous mechanical problems, I will confirm.


Founder of mm2 France, oto6, then from Sixmania. The 6 wheels and more have always been a passion for me. It started in 1980 thanks to a certain Christian de Léotard, you know ?

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