ShamRockAway Camper 8×2 – J. Dennis McGuire 1976

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ShamRockAway was one of the many projects that Dennis did during his retirement from Alma, in Michigan. When people asked him, Why, He answered why not !
He was an inventor and a motorhome lover since 1948. He had bought various vehicles during his life to transform them into motorhomes. He loved driving the Buicks and decided to build a motorhome from 2 break Buick de 1962 , he will name it ShamRockAway and sometimes Noah's Ark.

He kept a break stocking in the middle, cut another one in half and welded the front and back of the first one. It fits like a glove ! He then added the upper parts above, steering door at the front extending it to the rear.

The result is amazing, never seen before !

Dennis and his women in the photo


  • 8 wheels, 1 driven axle, the penultimate
  • Power steering on 4 front wheels, personal box
  • V8 6,3l 325ch Electra 225
  • Dynaflow box
  • 2 gas tanks
  • Cooker 2 stoves
  • 2 air conditioners
  • Weight 4,5 Tons
  • L78x15 tires
  • Dual core radiator
  • Height 1,83 m
  • Length 8,53 m
  • The interior of the front doors was built to accommodate cards and brochures
  • A special folding door to enlarge the bathroom
  • The kitchen and storage rooms have been molded into the existing space, providing sufficient room for maneuver between the living area and the driving compartment
  • Driver sits on engine
  • The dashboard included an altimeter, a BC, vacuum gauges, an auxiliary battery switch and to amuse the gallery, a bicycle bell instead of the horn

He finished his project at the age of 69 years. They have traveled through many states, including Arizona and Pennsylvania in the ShamRockAway.

Dennis was of Irish descent, he had a lot of humor and liked to make people laugh. When asked if he would consider selling the ShamRockAway, he said he would trade it for a lame horse and a hundred bushels of oats ".

Dennis died in 1990, he would surely have liked to see the popularity that ShamRockAway was going to take with the appearance of Internet.

In his next life, it was sold and then used as a bus for Bob Tisch's unsuccessful political campaign at the Michigan governor's office in 1982.

The last owner saved him from a dump several years back in an attempt to save him, but unfortunately, he was not able to.

Later, two campers, father and son uncovered ShamRockAway carcass in northeast Ohio, totally derelict.
An American website is trying to bring him back to life with the help of fans.

I will keep you posted if there is news of a possible restoration.

I found this image of a slightly improved version, a little recent delirium I think.

Other people have tried this little game, here is a motorhome on the same principle, Cadillac Ranch RV Park 1976 to 4 wheels, significantly smaller…

Or the Starstreack motorhome 1971 to 4 wheels also

+-+-+-+ BONUS +-+-+-+

Fair 2 Incredible motorhomes that often circulate on the Internet, one to 8 wheels and the other to 14 wheels !

This one is unique, price a photo couple Kevin Lane (Flickr) and titled Futuristic motor caravan.
The photo was taken in the city of Dunstable in June 1988 au Pentax K1000/50mm. He found it nice and just took a picture of it, in principle a personal motorhome, which may still exist !

And then a monster of home-made motorhome, version 14 wheels and equipped with 2 clims.
We know absolutely nothing about this machine, in addition the photo is very blurred, click on it to get a closer look. If you know more… A small comment would be welcome ! If you too have built your own motorhome, write me quickly on !

Since I made this article, another photo came out on the internet, more exactly in Facebook groups, these groups are really good ... 3/4 before this time, a real one therefore, not a fake


Founder of mm2 France, oto6, then from Sixmania. The 6 wheels and more have always been a passion for me. It started in 1980 thanks to a certain Christian de Léotard, you know ?

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