Secma FunQuad 6×4 – 2005 until today

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The automaker Secma is a small French factory specializes in small recreational and sports vehicles.
Little known, the business heart of business mainly focuses on the category of light duty and heavy quadricycles (possible course dice 16 years).
However, some models are class cars.
The company produces her own body through thermoforming processes and rotational molding.
It is not a question here of carts without license, Secma the vehicles are totally focused on sports and recreation all-roads with some utilities derivatives.

More information about the range Secma :

The model that interests us here is the FunQuad, kind “Mobile egg dressed in cross mini quad with a two-seater buggy and scooter” !

This fun vehicle is originally derived from the FunTech, that was the real debut 2000 and that differed from the current FunQuad by some technical details but especially, there was no all-road skills (including tires).
For the rest they are identical.
Today FunQuad can go almost anywhere despite its sole propulsion because it has a strong reinforced frame and an engine foolproof.

They are often found in fleet for rent in sunny areas.

It is on this basis that the Portuguese importer Secma, Green Factory, the idea of ​​making the FunQuad even better on difficult terrain with the help of the parent.

They decide to create a mini-shelf version that is equipped with 4 drive wheels at the rear.

Technically engine trains are in the form of bogies articulated in their environments or unique happening shafts that are returned to the hubs with planetary gears.

It is also possible to rig the machine with caterpillars multiplying and motor skills.

But a priori, this version 6×4 available in Portugal ( or Romania ( …

technical elements :

– Vehicle 6 wheels with 2 strict seats
– tubular steel frame with anticorrosion treatment

– Monocoque rotomoulded polyethylene of high strength
– Cover and ABS housing color PMMA

– Lombardini 4 stroke single cylinder
– overhead camshaft
– Displacement : 340cc
– Power : 7,7 Kw
– Couple 24 N / m 2500 tours
– forced air cooling
– administrative capacity : 4 CV
– electronic ignition
– carburetor Dell'Orto
– Alternator 180 watts
– electric starter

– Automatic with reverse and differential
– Maximum speed : 45Km / h

Suspension / Brakes

– AV Mac Person / discs
– AR swingarm & articulated arm / hydraulic drums
– Low pressure tires

Weights and measures

– Weight with caterpillars : 440 kg
– Weight without caterpillars : 370 kg
– Capacity 2 people : 400 kg
– Towing capacity: 500 kg
– Turning radius : 2 95 m
– angle caterpillars : 30
– Length : 2,50 m
– Height : 1,55 m


– Drums 12 V 14 A
– Parking brake
– vacuum gas pump
– Dashboard : fuel gauge, speedometer, kilometers odometer, witnesses headlights, flashing, hazard lights
– Klaxon
– Wipers and electric washer
– removable seats lining
– exterior mirrors
– radio location
– AV fender flares
– Steering lock
– electric defroster
– Arch steel protection
– Seat Belts 3 point with retractor
– Laminated glass windshield, rear bumper reinforced
– Blinker
– Hitch

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