Saab 906 Turbo Sean - 1984

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It is in Sweden 1983, Bo Hogell of the city & rsquo; Uppsala who ran a factory of machines for the & rsquo; metallurgy industry was looking d & rsquo; a car company that would renew the genre… Something original and which correspond to the needs of big wheeler with (and especially) comfort equipment that desperately short on commercial vehicle & rsquo; then.
So, it contacts the famous Leif Mellberg, coachbuilder ingenious and peerless technician to tell him about the & rsquo; business and Leif does not take long to have a crazy idea amused ..., Bo leaves him free rein, making it totally trust relative to specifications.
Leif therefore share d & rsquo; a basic Saab 900 GLS and slowly but surely turns it into a large estate car 6 wheels !

L & rsquo; entire body is worked and wants to aerodynamic canons of & rsquo; time, I must say that Leif n & rsquo; in is not the first modified Saab and also the & rsquo; one of his best friends n & rsquo; is other than Bjorn Envall, the big boss of Saab design since 1969.
C & rsquo; is hard to view that & rsquo; he conceptualises physical rather smooth and muscular of this car.
Despite the heavy modifications, everything is implemented for the car to pass its certificate of & rsquo; approval, Leif's creations are extremely serious and really well built.
Furthermore, Leif n & rsquo; not use only of glass fiber and polyester resin, he also knows the work sheet and s & rsquo; not deprive the Saab.

We are at the heart of years 80 and design of the station wagon we recall, style elements, the pearlescent paint and rims are not wrong !
One could almost believe in achieving Sbarro or Carat Duchatelet !
Ultimately the car wins meadows 600 mm in length and 150 mm in width and height ... which gives a result in fairly balanced visually and gives a dynamic overall appearance.

In terms of comfort equipment, Leif n & rsquo; not skimp ... c & rsquo; is bloated and d & rsquo; a luxury for the & rsquo; time :
– Video Monitor TV Blaupunkt
– Blaupunkt 4x20W stereo FM System 16 speakers
– Refrigerated compartments
– self-Chauffage Webasto
– DLS police radio 80
– Radar Detector Technology PR
– d & rsquo alert; freeze warning
– Tank heater
– Onboard computer Zemco
– Alarm
– board battery charger
– 220V power
– …etc.
Inside, all available options are mounted, air conditioning, Central locking, electric windows, electric mirrors etc .... and tack is from a beautiful Scandinavian Leather “marron-moka” directed by the saddler Tore Ström.
"Probably the best equipped car in the country ! », tell the person in charge d & rsquo; inspect the car before registration.

Ultimately, Bo will not use much of its special Saab, it will be used primarily as a promotional vehicle for his business and will make appearances at auto events.

That c & rsquo; is & lsquo; happened between 1990 and 2013 ?… mystery ... Anyway Bo separates from his yacht road and it ends badly… car in 2014, Unfortunately the car is found to & rsquo; state & rsquo; Advanced wreck in a junkyard located around the town of Varberg (always in Sweden)… what a pity !

technical Details :
– Engine : 4 cylinder 1985 cm3 (B201) with intercooler, 8 valves, 155 ch IN (114 kW)
– Transmission : front wheels and manual gearbox with 5 reports
– wheels : Pneu Pirelli P7 225/50 VR15 on Wheels Oscam Turbo 7 × 15
– Dimensions : long 5300 mm / away 1800 mm / skin 1600 mm / 2517 mm (1st rear axle)
– Weight : 1600kg
– max : 195 kmh environ

Sources : & Motorsports No. 9 from 1984

Bruno Tourmen

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