Range Rover Restoration 6×6 d’Anthony Honoré – 1985

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Anthony works in the family industrial sheet metal aujourd & rsquo; hui led by his uncle (that is very good advice) and thanks to the means of production at his disposal, he imagined, draw and create many things.
His father taught him early on driving (at the age of 11 !) and gave him the Range Rover viruses, thanks to its V8 Carbu and Vogue SE ...
Later his wife began to share his passion for the & rsquo; automotive, and with it he went twice raid in Morocco 104 and twice through France on the rally pioneers.
C & rsquo; is where it all began, on the Facebook group Pioneer. Someone wanted to restore a Range Rover 6 wheels for the Pioneers. With the publication of its draft Anthony asked him to sell him, then once a month for a year and a half it s & rsquo; worked the body to finally s & rsquo; offer the ultimate dream & rsquo; an avid Range ...


He knew nothing at all about the & rsquo; real state of the Range but yet he wanted more than anything !
Anthony still remembers, it was a Friday afternoon when the phone rang ... : "You want it's yours, but be that & rsquo; he is gone before Sunday night ! ».

Nothing else has counted this weekend there, on Sunday, he went to get in Orleans, paid him and took him home !

Once at home, the Range has once again met the father and son in their dreams.

6×6 had never been registered. It n & rsquo; had no paper, it belonged to a person who had 3 Ranges, one in each of his castles to go hunting. Its major d & rsquo; man had to spend the Karcher in and out after each hunt, l & rsquo; inside was very clean.

Without paper, difficult to date a Range, Anthony eventually found by June 1985 on the rear of the timber of the door handle.

Anthony was then given one and a half to fully restore. It s & rsquo; was started, then roll 2 km with the test 6×6 switchable. Can such a gypsy, he completely dismantled all the & rsquo; interior and drained and the body to start early ! He then returned to the factory to start work.

Sandblasting full 6×6 in 2 time, rear and front, up & rsquo; in the engine compartment, welds, recreating some parts and paint…

He removed and placed the 3.9L engine of his blue Range whose chassis was dead in 6 wheels are also installed the chassis of his regret 300 tdi.

This is an original 3.9L, has mounted thereon a stainless steel line, but he had to create the part that goes under the transfer case system 6×6. Instead of the quiet middle he put a Glasspack (silent through sports) then it is passed over the first bridge to the seal of the second deck and the rear silencer that was with the stainless steel line. Wow !

The 3.9L 180cv of s & rsquo; turns out of power by the weight of 2440kg of 6×6. Its consumption is around 20L / 100km. The tank is approximately 80L.

Seeing this huge empty chest of this fabulous car, Anthony was told he could travel in peace with family by the Range, June 1×6 " Finished ".
I let him tell you later :

"J & rsquo; took the front d & rsquo; a roof keeping enough to make a gallery to put the spare wheel and 20 cm s & rsquo; rear roof.

J & rsquo; have created 5 or 6 prototype to reproduce the shape of the roof gutter and raised part to the lifting system.
creating “hat” (with a horrible rounded to), roof paint, winding body.

Inside, I installed tar sticky plates Multi face (to reduce vibration and noise) 5cm and d & rsquo; sound and heat insulation (scrambled and reconstituted tissue).

Then manufacturing carpets, a real shit to do !
I set a plate on the side panels of the left saw that & rsquo; one day there will be a hob, sink and cupboard.
At & rsquo; right back in the & rsquo; angle, there will be a cooler shaped fridge. The side window s & rsquo; open with hinges at the top and caravan compass.
The style that & rsquo; it aesthetically, n & rsquo; is not completely successful. I have to rework it again.
But I & rsquo; I wanted to do 80% this restoration in order to rapidly roll with, seen that & rsquo; d & rsquo meanwhile, bought a house with big jobs, but my son had a little sister, just to finish the loop ! »

We can only congratulate Anthony for his admirable work on his Range Rover 6×6 and wish him courage still to finalize his dream.

SixMania have even heard rumors about the arrival of another 6 wheels ... But that's another story !


Some extra photos of 6×6 :

Some additional pictures of the restoration :


Founder of mm2 France, oto6, then from Sixmania. The 6 wheels and more have always been a passion for me. It started in 1980 thanks to a certain Christian de Léotard, you know ?

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  1. Respect the work when we see it to save , he is magnificent, and thank you for letting us share the history of this 6×6

  2. good morning Marc,
    As part of a TV show I would like to use some of the info and images from your site. Is it possible ? Can you contact me or send me your phone number on saad[at]gdb.tv ?
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