Preparation of 2 Range Rover pour la Transafricaine 2007

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Preparation of 2 Range Rover pour la Transafricaine 2007


Stéphane Valery and Stéphane Cassier are already famous in the world of Trans to have finished fourth in their class 2006 without assistance !

In this year 2007, they decide to do it again with the Range Rover prototype 2006 re-prepared,

and with a Range Rover at 6 assistance wheels they picked up in England just recently.

the 21/03/2007, purchase of the Range at 6 wheels.

The new career of this TACR2A b starts now. Originally, he's a Carmichael Truck-Airfield Crash Rescue 2a (version b) 6×4. It was fitted to English airports in the event of a safety problem on planes.
The third axle only increased the payload of the vehicle.

In its new version of rally assistance vehicle, it will be completely overhauled, with a new engine, a new gearbox and prepared in 6 WD.

It must be said that the body is in good condition, but that on the mechanical side it's not terrible, his engine has not started for years, and it no longer has a gearbox !

The 30/03/2007, the range has arrived at its place of preparation, not far from Paris

It really is a beautiful machine !

The Valery / Cassier team, pilot and co-pilot of the proto

A tour of the experts and the work to be done for a rally that will take place from 1 to 19 November 2007.

Just to put my two cents in, I tried a little fake to see what it could be like in a rally version !!!

So this is it, Stéphane Valery has promised me some photos of the preparation to continue this page, and on my side, I will pay them a little visit soon !

24 April 2007

TACR disassembly has started

Exposing the cash register, everything that exceeds

Remove old stickers

Brighten up the interior

Will have to be adapted later !

And start to think about the future mechanics

The 9 May 2007

I made an appointment with Stéphane Valery in his garage west of Paris. With these little vacations, it was the opportunity or ever to get to know the man and his machine !

Here is a garage as I like to see, in the entrance among others, Jaguars, Aston Martin, Cobra, Store like new. Stéphane takes me to the back room, and there; right next to Facel Vega HK500 awaiting restoration, there is the TACR2a.

He already has no engine

or rather if, his motor is at the end of the hoist.

and right next to it is its future engine with the box just waiting to purr !
A team of young people in reintegration will soon work on the TACR with Stéphane Valery.

What if we discovered the inside of the beast…

This vehicle was military and served on the English airports of his Majesty, the logo is still present, but not for long, the Team is seriously considering its new color…

All the back and top part is made of fiberglass, it will be removed and replaced by a more efficient interior for a Trans-African. Indeed, racing conditions are harsher than airports, and it will be necessary to reinforce all that.

This rear section contained a large water tank to extinguish fires, he is already no longer there, and the void reveals the fragility a little “hack” de Carmichael ! The partition wall will remain, it will therefore be a huge trunk in which they can store mechanics.

Side 6×6, how to keep things simple so as not to get stuck in a transfer case in the middle of the desert ?
It's not complicated, just connect each pair of right and left wheels with special rims, and suitable belts. In case of problem, it will be very easy to “return” in 6×4.

All the rear mechanics will be simplified and lightened as much as possible, without loss of resistance, the TACR will be treated in the same way as a racing vehicle.

Anyway, the “dismantling” is well advanced !

It's still quite impressive and beautiful

There is probably a lot of work left to redo the interior, obviously all the superfluous will be deleted. Stéphane will start by moving the cockpit to the left, “A day of work” he told me !!

The 4 doors will be kept.

So, all that remains is to say goodbye to everyone and to wish lots of good things for the rest of the preparation. I promise I'll come back to see the baby once in a while, as long as I don't disturb anyone !

Oh yes, one last image as I would have liked to see more often on the Internet, an original Carmichael Commando plaque. A big thank you to Stéphane Valery for whom I took a little time.

A quick visit to the site of’Actions Energies s’impose

A small drawing modified by myself for the team !

The 11 June 2007

The preparation for the Trans-Africa continues

The superfluous parts have been deleted

The roll bars are being installed

The interior has taken on a facelift

and the rigidity of the TACR too.

Stéphane Valery manages at the same time the formation of a small team of young people

And there is work, you have to finish the hoop and the driving position

Anyway, it takes shape, well done to the team !

The 26 June 2007

The roll bar is finished, in the passenger compartment…

But also in the future trunk

The roof is redone. Don't forget to send your donations to the Team, you will find their address at the top of this page. A little more funds would be welcome !

One of the members of the Energy Actions team, Thomas

A future racing mechanic !

The 10 July 2007

The arch is well and truly finished, the body is reassembled, the rims and tires have been changed

All ,It's not over unfortunately, but yet well advanced

The floor is redone

inside the cockpit

The crank has changed sides

The steering wheel too, LHD, great work

Some details still need to be settled…

In the trunk, there is now plenty of room

And it's time for souvenir photos !

Stéphane Valery looks rather satisfied !!

With that, we would all be.

A little reminder recently ?

you… radar seat ?

The Energy Actions team

In full force

Stéphane Cassier is there of course

go ahead, fatigue accuses, we attack again tomorrow !


A big hole in history, and now we are already at the departure time !

119 for the Proto

and 118 for the 6 wheels

Admire the work, beautiful machine, non ?

Everything is ready for departure

Another day of respite !


Founder of mm2 France, oto6, then from Sixmania. The 6 wheels and more have always been a passion for me. It started in 1980 thanks to a certain Christian de Léotard, you know ?

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