Mercedes T80

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Mercedes T80

Mercedes-Benz T80 was a vehicle developed and built by Mercedes-Benz, designed by Ferdinand Porsche to break the world speed record on land before the second world war.

The technical data

  • DB 603 V12 de Daimler-Benz
  • Total weight : 2896 kg (6385 books)
  • Power : 3.000 ch (2.210 kilowatts) @ 3200 t / mn
  • Engine : 44.5 liters
  • wheels : (6) 7 x 31
  • Length : 8.24 meters
  • Width : 3.20 meters
  • Cut : 1.74 Metre
  • Cx : 0.18
  • Speed : estimated at between 550-750 km/h (340-465 M/H)

The names of T80

  • Mercedes : Mercedes-Benz T80
  • Porsche : Mercedes Rekordwagen (car record)
  • by Mikcl : High-speed racing car (high-speed racing car)
  • by Hitler : Black bird (black bird)

Current state

The T80 is currently on display at the museum Mercedes-Benz Mercedes in Untertürkheim service. Many would beloved Mercedes fully reconstitutes the T80 and they pass the test to see if it would really reached 750 km/h (465 M/H).


German project designed by Hans, world renowned racer, was to beat the world speed record and he convinced Mercedes-Benz to build a special prototype for the attempted. Officially ordered by Hitler himself, the project was launched in 1937. The automotive god, Ferdinand Porsche, aimed first speed 550 km/h, but after successful races by John Cobb (land speed record) in 1938-39, the target speed was increased to 600 km/h. In 1939, when the project was initiated, the target speed was 750 km / h much higher therefore. Since it would also be the first attempt to land speed record on German soil, Hitler praised the T80 as another propaganda triumph of German technological superiority.

the construction of T80

The T80 has been fully completed at a cost of 600.000 Deuch Mark. He was driven by a massive inverted V12 DB603, a derivative of Daimler-Benz 44.5 liter engine of the DB-601 aircraft equipped the Messerschmitt BF109. The DB-603 installed on the T80 engine was the third and had an astonishing power 3000 ch. The engine used a mixture of methyl alcohol (63%), benzene (16%), ethanol (12%), acetone (4.4%), of nitrobenzène (2.2%), d’avgas (2%), and ether (0.4%) with the injection of MW (methanol-water) for the cooling and the pressure load.
The vehicle received three axles, the motor driving the two rear axles for maximum traction. T80 was along over 8 meters, weighed more than three tons, the motor 3000 horses and Josef Mikcl specialist in aerodynamics was then possible to achieve speed 750 km/h (465 M/H).
aerodynamically, T80 had two small wings at its midsection to prevent the vehicle from lifting at maximum speed through a mechanism of "downforce" patented 1939 by Mikcl. unbelievably, T80 had a drag coefficient of only 0.18 !

record attempts in the 1940

Hans would have led the T80 on a stretch of highway in Dessau (A9 today), that was 25 meters wide and 10 kilometers long. The attempt was planned for January 1940, but the beginning of the war prevented the race T80. In 1939, the vehicle had been surnamed Black bird (black bird) Hitler and had to be painted in German nationalistic colors an eagle German. But the event was canceled and the T80 garaged. After the war, in 1947, John Cobb tried to break the world record but could not overcome 634 km/h (394 M/H), is 116 km / h less than the record. This record has never been beaten priori by another vehicle in conventional engine, only cars to the turbojet exceeded from 1964 (875 k/m).
The DB-603 aircraft engine was removed from the T80 to use it on an airplane (!) during the war while the vehicle was moved to safety and storage in Karnten in Austria. The T80 has survived the war and was placed later in the Mercedes-Benz museum in Stuttgart without engine.

The DB603 engine which powered the Messerschmitt BF109

Another view of the Beast

Thank you to for this beautiful picture of me BF-109

The profile of T80

The back deck and 4 WD

rare picture of complete chassis

With the body structure

Photo of vintage racing car in the garage

The T80 in Action, all-wheel careened, it's hard to see that this is a 6 wheels

The T80 at museum today

A photo is not enough

To have full !

Beautiful rear view, Mercedes thank you !

Retail wings

exposure elsewhere, or an old version Museum…

The madness profile

It's been a bit like that Bluebird


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