Delirious Limos

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Ferrari, Lamborghini, Corvette, Mercedes, Rolls and other

Mammoth F-650 : the killer of Hummer (19/03/2008)

Here is a craft capable of transporting 30 passengers, which has horns locomotives, karaoke, XBOX 360, a smoke machine, a digital sun dance, a bar, Sound and nightclub lights, 6 plasma screens, etc. !

Hou small Hummer 😀

C & rsquo; s funny a big limousine, but not convenient to carry, it takes a special truck and large streets ! 18 wheels (24/12/2006)

car 6 wheels
a Ferrari (Yes !!!!) 10 wheels equally elongated, c & rsquo; is a pool in the middle ?

Another view of the Beast (23/12/2005)

car 6 wheels
Extra for a driving course, non ? (12/10/2006)

I confirm that this Ferrari 10 wheels exists ! (07/12/2006)

car 6 wheels
a Lamborghini 6 wheels elongated. but does it really exist ?
J & rsquo; had ordered this car in real fake, but c & rsquo; is finally a real ! (12/10/2006)car 6 wheels
Another view of & rsquo; a model for rent a limousine company…

car 6 wheels
their website !

Corvette 6 wheels (26/03/2008)

car 6 wheels
Surprise, it n & rsquo; is not a fake !!!!!! However, long enough, I l & rsquo; had considered a bad drawing, and then, by chance, I stumbled upon d & rsquo; other photos here :

Strange, but successful

Bon, there are at least TV, view the & rsquo; antenna !

Larger, c & rsquo; is more beautiful !
Ali Baba Limo, Lincoln with Jacuzzi, 200$ s & rsquo; time (07/12/2006)

Cadillac Eldorado 1975

Lincoln Town Car in 6 wheels

And its interior, Two versions, seats or seat !

And an unknown Cadillac, with heart-shaped jacuzzi in & rsquo; back !

car 6 wheels
Model 8 wheels for their last trip in hearse (12/10/2006)

car 6 wheels
or hearse 6 wheels ! (12/10/2006)

Mercedes hearse 8 wheels (04/11/2006)

Another version of the Mercedes (27/12/2006)

Version Limousine 6 wheels (04/11/2006)

and a limo pickup at 6 wheels (27/12/2006)

Reminds you something ? Mercedes 10 jacuzzi wheels ! (04/11/2006)

other color, same car (24/12/2006)

Other Mercedes limo 6 wheels (24/12/2006)

Transformation USA 6×6, Cadillac Limo Big Foot ! (02/12/2006)

With his little sister

A beautiful ground clearance

Bottom View, rear transmission (24/12/2006)

car 6 wheels
Another version, with bull bars !


Founder of mm2 France, oto6, then from Sixmania. The 6 wheels and more have always been a passion for me. It started in 1980 thanks to a certain Christian de Léotard, you know ?

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