The Range Rover Vantagefield - 1982 until today

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This company was founded by David Linder and Graham Chalkley in 1982 and specializes in automotive processing high-end offering the opportunity for any customer to buy his car exactly as it & rsquo; requires.

Its main markets are the Middle East and the & rsquo; Southeast Asia.

David and Graham were already involved in the high-end car modification working for and with companies like Engineering Report and The Marquis of Robert Jankel.

Vantagefield n & rsquo; has never been publicized, the name of “Vantagefield of London” is really not known to the public even passionate compared to names like Glenfrome and Wood & Pickett. However in the Middle East, Vantagefield has a great reputation and was even one of the main players in this country during the years 1980.

In the words M. Linder : “You do not sell more of what types of cars just because you are playing in the beautiful magazines !”.

Vantagefield converted a large car range : their heart of business was to convert the Range Rover every way imaginable, in convertibles, in limousines, in 6 wheels, hunter configuration ... and extremely luxurious upgrades on domestic (amenities, movable, saddlery…).

Vantagefield is also very focused on Jaguar Mercedes and Rolls-Royce and even brands like Audi, Volvo, Nissan, Toyota & Lexus… etc.

Until the early 90, Vantagefield n & rsquo; was not only a conversion company, they also had their own independent and leather upholstery workshop (at one point, they were even the second largest supplier of Rolls-Royce !).

The peculiarity of this structure is that Vantagefield still exists and is still performing special conversions. The main reason is that Vantagefield never owned his own body shop, everything is outsourced to third parties specialists. This allows the company to be more flexible and not having to lay off when times get harder.

Yet during the first Gulf War (1991), M. Linder explains that & rsquo; they grazed bankruptcy because many customers of Kuwait n & rsquo; were more able to pay because the Iraqis had seized their financial asset !

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