Franco Sbarro

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Thank you to Benoit Dujardin for his documents

His real name is Francesco Zefferino Sbarro, it is Italian original, but moved to Switzerland, and Morocco, then in France. He created or modified full of cars, but I can show you here that Version 6 wheels. Visit his site present in the site Links page or visit the unofficial site Franco Sbarro (Philippe Calvet).

car 6 wheels
Look at me it, it is not beautiful ?
(Photo taken from the newspaper Him years 80 and glued by me !!!)

TAG or FUNCTION CAR is a splendid and colossal monument, she was commissioned by the TAG group (Techniques Vanguard) a drawing of Franco Sbarro. This is the Kram Ojjeh billionaire who owns it and who disbursed 500.000 The time of francs to be able to have a traveling office uncommon. The original drawing was he seems much more beautiful, but elements for reliability reasons, Cadillac Eldorado in base served for the chassis and mechanics. The TAG also had to be accommodated 6 more people off than in any limousine.
Result, a car 6 wheel 7,20 meter, 3 tonnes, powered by a motor 7 liter Cadillac 180 cv, equipped bar, phone, sophisticated radio, color TV, telex, dictaphone, terminal, etc.

Thank you for these Benoît Dujardin 2 superb exterior color photos

and Interior

car 6 wheels
I got this on the website of Sbarro, What she is beautiful !!!
I tried to get in touch with him directly, but could not get close !
If known, tell him SixMania !

car 6 wheels(Christian Leotard Source, scanned by Marc Simonnet !)

car 6 wheelsSome new to Cadillac 6 Sbarro wheels (31/12/2005)

car 6 wheelsA rare and beautiful rear view

car 6 wheelsGeneral view in the middle of the collection

car 6 wheels3/4 before

Two exceptional photos to Cadillac 6 Sbarro wheels (24/12/2006)

Sublime car (24/12/2006)

Stunning interior (Benoît Dujardin source)

(Benoît Dujardin source)

in 1981


3 new photos TAG (18/07/2015)1978-Sbarro-Cadillac-TAG-Function-Car-1-730x485 1978-Sbarro-Cadillac-TAG-Function-Car-5

Sbarro Windhawk

car 6 wheels
La Sbarro Windhawk. King Khaled of Saudi, seduced by the Windhound, asked Franco Sbarro to build him a model suitable for falconry, one of his favorite sport. He wished especially a vehicle capable of running at full speed in all types of terrain encountered in Arabia, and that allowed him to hunt without leaving car.

car 6 wheels
Franco Sbarro had carte blanche, except for the engine which was to come necessarily from Mercedes (representing 90% Fleet of King). The V8 6,9 liters was retained in one version of 217 horses. The power is distributed over the six-wheel drive. Moreover, it is their presence that surprises at first glance. To obtain sufficient autonomy, the fuel tank contains 350 liters. The ground clearance of the car can, thanks to a hydraulic system, switch 25 to 42 centimeters. The top speed is around 200 km/h, which is ample off-road ! It remained to solve the problem of hunting from the car. Sbarro has designed a hydraulic system that allows to raise seats 80 centimeters. The hunter may well dominate the vehicle through two sunroofs and launch hawks without descending. They also benefited from a refrigerator to keep the meat they are rewarded !

car 6 wheelsThe Sbarro Windhound and Windhawk represented in the late seventies which was best on-road. Range Rover a more elitist, the Windhound had no real competitor. As for the six-wheel drive Windhawk, Lamborghini LM alone could claim such performance, reliability and less. Sbarro proved he was capable of designing anything other than replicas, moreover placing the bar high.

Thank you to Philippe Calvet for its images and texts.



  • Chassis Mercedes G Class
  • 5 doors, 8 places dont 3 up hydraulically out of the roof.
  • Weight : between 2000 and 2500 kg according to the & rsquo; equipment
  • Engine : Mercedes 450 K Jet Tronic
  • Transmission : Box 5, gear-splitter 2 reports, engaging or not traction on 4 wheels, plus additional axle and hydraulic 3 Self-locking differential in 100%
  • Chassis and suspension : self-supporting body more chassis and large beams 6 struts with 2 disc brakes in & rsquo; before and 4 drums in & rsquo; back
  • wheels : 10×15
  • wheelbase : 285 cm and 355 cm
  • Ground clearance : 27 cm
  • Height : 170 cm
  • tracks : 149/151 cm
  • Width : 185 cm
  • Maximum speed : about 180 km/h

Sbarro Citroën Berlingo “Cruise young” (2000)

This Citroën Berlingo 6 wheels is an evocation of the famous caterpillar Yellow Car Cruise organized by Citroën 1931-1932. This car was presented at the Paris Motor Show in October 2000, on the stand of the ISCAD (Higher Institute of Design to Trades Training).

New views 31/12/2005

New photos and other larger (30 September 2017)


Founder of mm2 France, oto6, then from Sixmania. The 6 wheels and more have always been a passion for me. It started in 1980 thanks to a certain Christian de Léotard, you know ?

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