Ford Granada Estate Special – 1976

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In 2014 we could find on eBay UK (Britain) sale d & rsquo; a break Ford Granada extended and modified by the & rsquo; d & rsquo addition, a rear axle.
This car equipped with the 3.0l V6 was offered for £ 1,800, slightly more than 2000 €.

We learn in the text of the & rsquo; ad this transformation would be to & rsquo; initiative of Ford England and specifically, manufactured in a factory producing engines ... (!?)
A priori production would have begun on Granada Mark1 (1972/1977) and some versions Mk2 (1977/1985) have started to be built without relying marketing and disposal.
And c & rsquo; is all that & rsquo; we can learn ... and despite my extensive research on the net, I found that people who like me s & rsquo; question the thing ...

Among the comments visible on the forums, a user who spoke with an owner of such vehicle reports that only the & rsquo; d & rsquo rear axle, original engine is and that & rsquo; n & rsquo other; is that carrier.

So, is what this story is good ?… The realization of the body that truly respects the d & rsquo lines; origins of the series may break back this ...

After, may be that & rsquo; one day j & rsquo; learn more and I could fill this article.

If you know more, contact me !

Bruno Tourmen

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