Finnjet – Antti Rahko

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Le Finnjet, the Finnish company Finnlines was commissioned in 1977. It was then the longest ferry, the biggest (in terms of passengers and beds), the heaviest and fastest in the world, he was the only ship of its kind to be powered by 2 Gas turbines. Its top speed was 33 nodes, is 62 km/h. As against it consumed enormously, crossing the Baltic Sea 22 hours 1781 passengers burned 300 tons of fuel oil. It was dismantled in 1987.
Other version were built later, more economical and standards.


All that to explain what this boat can represent the head of a handyman Finnish, Antti Rahko, former driver 72 years who decided to emigrate to the United States of America, Lantana, in Florida (large Finnish community).

You've probably guessed, Antti embarked on a foolish project, and who would be baptized Finnjet, as the boat, the biggest, heaviest, craziest car in the world ! Finland, as all the Nordic countries has a good environmental reputation and Antti Rahko has made himself the spokesman for the project using only recycled car parts or objects found in scrap yards or in rubbish dumps.

Before embarking on the project of his dreams, he started by getting hold of a 1984 RV Chevy Van in 6 wheels for motor home and a trailer for the sauna. I found only one reference on Internet, taken by a camper. The front and rear axles are directional. See the page dedicated to this van.

Antti-Rahko_Finnjet_009 Antti-Rahko_Finnjet_010Antti-Rahko_Finnjet_011

Time to move Finnjet. He began by welding 2 Mercedes 300 TD to break the rear and a Chrysler Imperial 1962 to the front of the car.

+ 2 time

He retained 6 wheels to withstand the 3,4 tons of the equipment to 8,84 meters in length.
That said, I think he has added the central wheels thereafter as they are added on top of the body. At a time (it's a good time I'm his adventure), he said he 7 wheels, and now talk about items 8 wheels ! It can be seen in fact a small central wheel at the rear of the car, I do not know exactly where the 8th wheel located, I think she is in the row of the 7th, in back. A priori these little wheels are off the ground by default. The front and rear axles are steered.
The rear suspension from a Chevrolet truck 1967 which was reversed.
The 4 front wheel drive.

TheAntti-Rahko_Finnjet_004no tail wheel, for aircraft door ?

Just like the motorhome, it uses parts 40 models of different cars, it involves 86 projectors 36 wing mirror. Inside, it allows 10 passengers to use air conditioners, televisions, refrigerators, a microwave, stove and sauna ... ! The equipment is provided by 3 batteries and 3 alternators.

The Finnjet is driven by 3 engines, and a diesel Mercedes 2 Gas turbines, as on the boat ! It consumes only 9,4 liters 100 kilometers.

Antti-Rahko_Finnjet_001Although turbines, but also a Concorde ! The turbines are fake, there is a jet noise system installed therebetween…

Antti Rahko likes to say that it is a perpetual project, and I am convinced, whenever I find new photos, the car is increasingly responsible bunch of widgets !

In terms of its price, it is said that during a trip to Europe, Antti Rahko did assure 1 million bucks. It would be ready to sell his vehicle in those waters, few years ago, he proposed 950.000 dollars. The longer you wait to buy, it will be more expensive and more heavy, would speak Finnish it seems more for negotiation !

The Finnjet won several competitions prices in the USA and Europe.

Some details…

Antti-Rahko_Finnjet_002 Antti-Rahko_Finnjet_003 Antti-Rahko_Finnjet_005 Antti-Rahko_Finnjet_006 Antti-Rahko_Finnjet_008 Antti-Rahko_Finnjet_015 Antti-Rahko_Finnjet_016One of the first versions, the windshield is still clear !

some videos…

Even the exterior and interior photos


Founder of mm2 France, oto6, then from Sixmania. The 6 wheels and more have always been a passion for me. It started in 1980 thanks to a certain Christian de Léotard, you know ?

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