CT&T Multi-Amphibious-Vehicule – 2010

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"Do you need & rsquo; an amphibious golf cart to 6 wheels ? »

C & rsquo; is the question that many visitors and journalists arose seeing the & rsquo; one of the vehicles on display at the Detroit show in 2010 on the company's stand Korean CT&T…

Indeed, this company has traditionally specialized in electric golf cart caused a sensation by presenting 3 concepts coming out of the heart of occupation of this small manufacturer.

There was “C-Square”, small electric sports, “E-Zone-Plus” mini city car and “MAV”, claimed as the first electrical amphibious vehicle in the world ... which is inaccurate since the Swiss company Rinspeed has already introduced the “sQuba” based on Lotus Elise in 2008 ... which was more submersible !

Described as a “recreational multipurpose recreational vehicle” to 4 places, he had to move to 90 km / h on road and 9 km / h in water.
Its ground clearance 200 mm associated with 6 wheel drive could guarantee him good-road capabilities.
Its price was seems t & rsquo; it around the 50000$.

A priori, MAV n & rsquo; not really convinced many people during his presentation because the press release was rough and riddled d & rsquo; mistranslations, there was indeed a video showing the & rsquo; action device proving that & rsquo; it was functional but ...…

But since then nothing more ... stunt ? Bluff ? Toned missed ? …
The fact is that & rsquo; aujourd & rsquo; hui we no longer find traces of the MAV, nor 2 besides other cars and ... CT site&T, it n & rsquo; there is always that golf carts ...

main source : autoblog.com

Bruno Tourmen

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