Coupé-spider Cadillac Custom – 1968

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in juin 2015 to USA, could be found on Ebay a strange car 6 wheels for sale, it s & rsquo; d & rsquo was; a Cadillac Fleetwood 1968 radically changed.
It is not known who is the & rsquo; idea of ​​this singular transformation, or who & rsquo; realized, or when ... there was no information about it on the ad ...

It s & rsquo; therefore d & rsquo; a coupe with seat spider in the trunk, the body of the sedan d & rsquo; n & rsquo origin, has not been affected, the length remains the same, the work of coachbuilder was to back the & rsquo; interior to & rsquo; extreme to give a long length to cover ...
This has added some details like wire wheels and side exhausts, is strongly assumed that the sponsor wanted to ape the flaming cars years 30, see make a kind of replica of how exotic cars neoclassical Clenet, room, Excalibur, Spartan, rt with…etc. years 80.

For the style of the vehicle, I let you enjoy, on my side I would call “scary disproportionate cut”… or “Red Cruella”… !?

Short, the seller tight-lipped on & rsquo; case, professional located in Hanover Park Illinois, when asked the same $ 90,000… Thanks !
Has & rsquo; it was sold ... we'll know maybe one day ...

4 details have selected the & rsquo; attention of Internet :
– The bench-spider t exist’ it really ? For no photograph is us open device ...
– The 16 manifolds & rsquo; exhausts are they there for the & rsquo; puffery ? Or are they really connected to the engine ?... and how many engines ? 2 ? This seems rather unlikely d & rsquo; so that & rsquo; s announcement stated that the engine included 8 cylinders…
– The asking price, totally exorbitant despite the apparent quality of the work ...
– The double rear axles it is totally propulsion or n & rsquo; t there & rsquo; he that 2 WD ?

technical Details :
– Engine : V8 472 ripen (7,7l) and of 365ch 721 Nm
– Box : propulsion / automatic 3 reports
– Dimensions : long 5800 mm / away 2030 mm / emp 3380 mm
– Weight : 2500 kg
– Theoretical max : 204 kmh

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