Citroën CX Mike’s Garage Loadrunner 1 and 2 German

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Citroën CX Mike’s Garage Loadrunner 1 and 2 German

Courtesy of Fabien Sabates, editor of Citropolis.

Citropolis No 72 January / February 2009, Christian Mouchet,
Photos DR, CX-Basis, Phil Collins, Robert marshes, Remy Le Guilcher.

there is 2 different covers available for each issue, you can order
sure or other internet media vendors.

The CX Loadrunner were manufactured 1987 to 1995 by German company Mike's Garage, in Germany, for large transport companies mainly, Spedition as Hillert. 1/3 models were Loadrunner 1 to original roof down, the 2/3 remaining were Loadrunner 2 Raised in polyester roof. These cars were TÜV approved. The company has gone to 1995.

Since the years 2000, is the specialized garage Citroën CX, in Germany, CX-Basis, which resumed production on demand, or restoration. Transformation of a Loadrunner 1 costs about 35 000 €. a Loadrunner 1 weighs 1,8 t empty, 2,8t a full load. The length of 4,92m to 5,62m passes.

Some older models have exceeded the 3 000 000 kilometers.

Click on to get the originals in a new window.

Thank you to Christian Mouchet for this superb outstanding record,
it makes us reach some pictures to complete the report.

CX Loadrunner Type 1 (24/01/2007)

it is changed by CX Mike's Garage in Germany, low copies.

A CX Loadrunner, this surprising measure van 5,62 meters long and weighs 1 170 Kg. It is powered by a turbo diesel which gives it a top speed of 175 km / h on German motorways.

CX Loadrunner Type 1

CX Loadrunner Type 2

These vehicles are shorter than Tissier because the rear wheels are closer.
(1 meter between each rear wheels for Tissier)

Another type 2


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  1. Great photos of great cars!
    In the years 1979 to 1983(?) had the magazine wholesale distribution for Austria, the company Morawa, 2 CX-owned LoadRunner, regularly on Wednesday from Vienna to Hamburg and on Thursday from Hamburg to Vienna each fully loaded with frichen Newspapers, among other things, “Time” are jetted. The drivers of these “Special Express load tractor” have me (sparingly equipped students)taken countless times. Unfortunately, I had no information written or pictorial documents. Only unforgettable memories! Dr. with. univ. L Roland. Stocker

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