Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz Convertible

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Imagine being able to swim, eat and drive through a single car.


Based on a Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz Convertible 1977, the model is both disproportionate and surprising.

336713_800600She still has the license plates of the state of Texas due to its possible approval in Australia, adopted land of Cadillac.
The transformation in 8 wheels began at an arrival in Australia in the city of Brisbane in the years 1980. Holden parts were used.



In 1999, a new owner lives in Melbourne then added a hot tub in the back and even a barbecue positioned under the hood between the V8 and radiator.

eldorado3-1 eldorado4-1

The Cadillac stands out thanks to the addition of a small time TV screen in the cockpit linked to a CCTV system, Whisky bar in the trunk and a way American truck horn. The 8 cylinder V also benefit from six tailpipes, the roof is discoverable.


The estimate for this exceptional lot in Shannons was between 24 000 and 32 000 Australian dollars, or between 16 000 and 21 000 euros.
The Shannons event held in Melbourne, Cheltenham Victoria, the 17 February 2010.


We see the control panel in the middle under the dashboard !


oto6 in his time and therefore SixMania is a popular site for lovers 6 wheels and more. Imagine that the current owner of this beautiful Cadillac contacted me and he is French !
A friendship was born between us and he arranged a meeting with his Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz Convertible in 10 wheels.

Here are some photos and additional documents (12/2016)

Its owner English, married to a French had a Limousine hire company and was using the car to draw crowds at shows, but he also praised for the event. Here is his plate.

go ahead, for form, Here I am with the baby, hood open, cylinders no longer hold the heavy hood !

The engine and barbecue placed just behind the radiator.

Open and closed swimming pool

The bar in the trunk

The ladder to climb into the pool

And if we had a barbecue to end the day ?



Founder of mm2 France, oto6, then from Sixmania. The 6 wheels and more have always been a passion for me. It started in 1980 thanks to a certain Christian de Léotard, you know ?

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  1. Hello Sir, It Is A Pleasure To Contact You. I Fell In Love With Your Cadillac Eldorado The Minute I Saw It. I Was Wondering If You Could E-Mail Me Some More Pictures If Possible ? I Would Really Appreciate It So Much .

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